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Nov 27 2003
I have a Brittany Spaniel named Nikki. She is the best dog ever!!!!She is 5 years old but still has a whole lot of energy.She can run super fast for 3 hours straight.When i say she runs fast i really mean fast!She is the fastest dog in the park.A funny thing about her is that she knows english!If you say something she will know what you're talking about. My dog's fav. toy is her barney. It has no stuffing because she riped it but she still loves to play with it.She is the best dog ever and i love her very very much!!!!!

Nov 27 2003
I have a black lab puppy named troy. he always goes to my room and steals my stuffed animals. we just had halloween and his NEW hobby is to steal our trick-or-treat candy. He goes up to our bags, opens them, and picks out his favorite candy!!!

Nov 23 2003
Nicole, dog lover
I had a dog named Troy. He was a black lab and we were inseperable. he loved me since the day that I was born. he used to lick my face when I was a baby. my mom hated it when he did that! When I was a little older I'd pretend that I was a cowgirl and Troy was my horse. i'd hop on his back and we would ride off together. Troy was very protective over me, but he did not hurt anybody. He would never do that. He never bit or even thought about jumping up on somebody. He was the best dog in the world. he was the kind of dog that had a lot of hip displasia. he couldn't help it. It was in his blood. he was a big dog I mean how can he help it? It all started to happen when I was about eight or so. Troy started to have a really bad limp. He would have to lift up his hind leg so it wouldn't hurt to walk so much. He lounged around a lot and he was only about nine years old. I guess he was just getting old. he was growing white fur around his muzzle. About a year later he got a lot better .

Nov 21 2003
One time I was eating chips and Lucky wanted some so I gave them to him and he ate them all!!! LOL

Nov 21 2003
One time I was playing with my rotwileier and I forgot to close the bathroom door and when I came back he had already drunk all of the toilet water!!!

Nov 21 2003
My second dog Flash is a basset hound one time I put sunglasses on him and he looked like a cool dude!

Nov 21 2003
One time my dog Max he's a rottweiler he was digging and a mole popped up, the mole squeeled and bit him on the nose! He slung it and it made a whoosh. It was so funny, but the mole was not harmed!

Nov 20 2003
I have a black toy poodle named Jessy. She is my joy! And the 2 yr. old child I have never had. Her favorite toy is a little stuffed toy black poodle named mini me. When we first got the toy she would carry it around like it was her baby. Now it is strictly her toy, but it is always with her. She loves people and everyone loves Jessy. She is like a little black ray of sunlight!

Nov 19 2003
I have a dog named Tiffany.She is a 4 year old bichon/poodle. One day my mum,dad and I couldn't find Tiffany. We had just planted a new garden and we thought she might be trodding on it. My dad went outside to look for her but just before he went out tiffany came in! My dad didn't see her though. So my dad was out there looking for her when she wasn't even there! We laughed so much!One day my mum and I went out to buy our cat a bed to sleep in because she is getting old. When we came home our cat didn't want it but Tiffany sure did! She stole it. Ever since we can never find her because she blends in so much!

Nov 10 2003
My dog Mitzie loves everyone.She really likes people to pet her.Our town mayor is Paul Bunn.My dad and Mitzie were talkink to Paul and all of a sudden Mitzie bursts out growling.Then she ran to Paul and bit our town mayor!

Nov 9 2003
I have a really big puppy German Sheperd his name is Cosmo and he is only 2 years old. when he was 8 weeks old he stared to chew on the trimming on our walls luckily we kept him in our laundry room and that is the only place he chewed up. And of course my step mom just said but hes only a puppy so we decided to keep him .Then when he was 1 year old he got out of the laundryroom while we were gone and chewed on our leather couch but of course my step mom said but hes only a puppy so we still have him he has done a few other things but they aren't as bad !!!

Nov 9 2003
My dog Abby is a one year old golden retriever, and this week, she went to go see her Mom in stamping ground, KY. Her Mom lives on a wide open piece of land, like us. When we got there, we found that a couple of Abby's brothers and sisters were there to visit also! Once everyone had eaten thier hot dogs and chips, Annie's (Abby's mom) owner, Mr.Kemper introduced us to his ATV. when I rode it, Abby ran like the wind to follow me all around thier yard. When her family saw her doing this, they followed too. It looked like they were getting pulled along by the little vehicle. That was one of Abby's best days of her life. :)

Nov 2 2003
my 1 year old dog likes to play tricks on my family and me. One day, my dad called my 2 dogs for bed, and pepper was missing! we went outside to look for him, but could not find him. Then,my sister and i stayed inside, and my parents looked outside more. Then, my sister put up thhe footrest on the recliner. i was sitting on the floor. i looked under the recliner, and there was 1 year old pepper under the recliner, sleeping. he was under there all along.

Oct 27 2003
Our monster Meagan was a 4-6 month doberman/st.bernard and had only known life in an outside kennel when we brought her home.knowing nothing about a home or people. teething on EVERYTHING,jumping on EVERYONE, and racing through the house. Our baby would run in his room slamming the door saying meagan's out of control again. She also has skin problems and cant hold her urine, therefore requires med. all her life. The amusing parts are: she is probably the most expensive free dog ever(over $2,000 the first year) and well worth it. She is now 2, weighs 105 and is my son's second mom. She is protector, comforter, and playmate to our family. Also,our cat stands on her back feet and swats meagan's face regularly. Meagan just stands there as if saying -- is that all you have, why bother me.

Oct 26 2003
I have a Brittany Spaniel named Nikki. I don't really have a story i just want to say a funny thing she does. She loves to lick my cat on the ear.Very cute!!!!!

Oct 24 2003
My beagle Sam had surgery. She had fatty lumps. My mom says she is Frankinstein for Halloween because she has 3 sets of stiches. My sister says theyre nasty. Sam is 10 years old. Our family got her from an advertisment on the back of a hunting magizine. I know that the does not sound like the best place to get a dog. The story is.......My sister had a Lemon Beagle when she was 2. Her name was Sam. Sam got hit by a car. Donna(my sister) did not know where Sam was,she started crying night and day for Sam. So we had to get a beagle fast!

Oct 17 2003
One time i was camping and my year old dog Cider was running really fast toward my dog Sadie. At first i thought he was a wolf or something!

Oct 14 2003
Hi i am here to talk about enya(n-ya) my bull terrier. now not to many people have bull terriers but i also have coco, princess, and spanky who are english bulldogs(very fat) and baby a american bulldog who guards us we live in the country. enya is a deaf dog and is really smart (well she does t know sit stay laydown or stuff like that) any ways. when we tie her up on her choke collar AND harness she got out of both and ran over to the neightbors house. she did that i few times. i just wanted to say BULLDOGS ARE THE BEST!

Oct 13 2003
My dog's name is Pumpkin. One time my sister was looking for her cat, Lilac, so my mom was calling Here kitty, kitty, kitty! And instead of the cat coming, it was Pumpkin! Haha!

Oct 13 2003
NAME:Andrew(My puppy) TYPE:Spaniel and Maltese. Once my dog was sleeping and he sudenly woke up because a plastic toy car fell next to him. It 2 inches away from his tail!!! Scary!

Oct 7 2003
Once when my dog Rhetta was only 8 weeks old I was playing with her outside. My mom and sister were pulling out of the driveway and started driving down the street. Rhetta whined and then bolted after the car! It was so funny!

Oct 2 2003
It was an avaerage sunny afternoon with the sun in the sky and the birds chirping in the trees. Lassie and I strolled carelessly under the shade of the willow trees then it happened! A crazed beast fit for no other place than the pound leapt randily onto my poor Lassie, i fought with all my might to remove the creature......but failed....soon after Lassie and Laddie had puppies and they are so cute! Dont worry, laddie has been deloused by now

Oct 1 2003
My old dog Jessie really was crazy. He used to play fetch with a twist. The twist being: he used to carry twelve-foot sticks in his mouth, whilst shimmying down the middle of the street, knocking people over in the process! that was before we sent him to dog school!!!

Sep 30 2003
Michele The cookie monster
I was alone and my G.shep stared growling and barking. I opened the door to see who was there. I was soo suprised. It was my landlord that had only allowed Fang cause she was a Good Girl and now my angry landlord was on her back in the Muddy grass with a 95 pound Fang on top of her licking her face and exposing a horribly smelly breath!

Sep 28 2003
My last Dog I had was named, Buster, A Black Lab, anyways one day he ran away and then after a few hours came back with a chick dog, looks the same breed, alil longer fur then his and looks abit older then him,

Sep 28 2003
I have a dog name Buddie, And I am away from my home town doing college, so I when I found my calling card I called up my aunty, she is looking after our dog, so I called to talk with my Aunty and she put the phone to Buddies ear, So I talked alil and I hear my aunty in the back ground saying Buddie Stop licking the phone and when she was trying to talk with me, he kept attacking her, playing, cause he wanted to come and see me. I really do miss Buddie, but I get to see him again when I get to come home for Christmas. I can't Wait.

Sep 24 2003
My grandmother has a dog her namei s shade she is a black lab she is 3 years old. she was big when they got her.

Sep 13 2003
My dog's name is Luckie. He is a boy.One time my parents were packing for a trip and the suitcase was empty, so Luckie jumped in the suitcase! I guess he didn't want us to go.

Sep 9 2003
One day my cousin came over to play and after a while she got picked up but my dog Emma shot out the door like the wind! And my uncle had to run on the burning hot streets (barefoot)! It wasn't pleasant!

Sep 5 2003
I have a dog and she hates fire crackers. Every time a fire cracker goes off she runs and hides under the barn. Her name is Carly she is a 10 year old German Sheperd. She lives in Nebraska. I live in Montana. I MISS HER SO MUCH!

Sep 4 2003
I have a female collie named Diana,whom I named after the Princess,back in 1992,and she was a handful as a pup.She would sometimes get into the garbage,or not always use the paper I'd lay down for her.I did eventually break her of that,and now lately,she barks almost endlessly,until she gets tired.I am in the proccess of trying to break her of that,as well.She can be frustrating,but I do love her,for every annoyance she has,she also has a heart of gold.For instance,sometimes I'll get depressed or lonely and she'll put her head on my lap or even jump up on the bed with me and keep me company(she only does this when I'm sad).Also,she'll bring my mail or paper to me when I'm sick.For all her faults,she's the best friend I ever had.

Sep 3 2003
my dog quincy is sooo cute! just like maggies, my dog also runs around rubbing his ears on the ground! and its like he waits untill he is out of the tub to shake just so he can get you all wet! he is soo cute!

Aug 30 2003
I have a beagle his name is sammy i love him he is the best he is wild but i still love him he is a boy. He is cute.

Aug 23 2003
I have a 5 year old Shih Tzu. His name is Dribble. Everyone thinks he gets name because pees alot(which he doesn't) but, we call him Dribble because he had a brother named Defense. Dribble loves playing with our kitten (Jordan),laying in the sun, and begging for food with his puppy eyes. Dribble gets jealous when we play with the kitten and he barks until he gets what he wants... a scratch behind the ears and a kiss on the head.

Aug 23 2003
I want to tell you guys that one time when Dilly was 4 months old he untied himself when we went shoping,..when we came back we found the house in a... COMPLETE MESS!!!! He had chewed all my sisters barbies, sleept on my bed, almost break the teddy bear my mom gave me, did his pipis and ....(ugh!) everywhere,....a complete disaster. When we came back he knew he had done something wrong ...

Aug 23 2003
Hi,... I want to tell you guys about lilo, she was a cute cocker spaniel, when we got her she was small and skinny,....I loved her a lot,...she died abuot 3 weeks ago,.... I know it's a little late to write this, but I think she would have loved me to put this. She was a pretty little dog, a great friend of Dilly, she bothered him 24 hours a day and she loved to cuddle with every one, she died without getting to her 1 birthday, some dogs killed her while we where away, I still cry sometimes when I'm alone......, I love LILO!!!!!!!!

Aug 22 2003
I have a 3 year old long-haired chihuahua. Her name is Lily and has amber brown spots like a cow. Her ears look like the ears of papillions. She hates to take walks but she loves to take walks without a leash. One time we opened the garage door and left it open. Lily ran out whle the garage door was closing. We didn't know so we ate dinner thinking Lily was sleeping. Then while my mom and dad were washing the dishes, we heard a cry and bark. Everyone stopped. Then my brother rushed to open the door and there was Lily wagging her tail at the sight of our faces!

Aug 20 2003
I have a beagle name Sam. She is ten years old. We had a beagle before named Sam too. when Sam dies,not that I want her to die,I want to get a Labrador so much! But my sister wants another beagle!!!

Aug 16 2003
After dinner when we put the dishes in the dish washer my doggie nellie puts her two front paws on the door and licks the extra ketchup, rice, ranch dressing, whatever is left over on the plates she licks off!

Aug 13 2003
I have a dog named Dilly, he is a golden retriever.Dilly is 3 years old and he still thinks he is the baby of the house.He is a VERY smart dog(my mom says he is almost humen) At 3 months he learned how to open and close his crate door, then he learned how to untie his leash ( we tied to the kitchen door at night so he wouldn't catch us sleeping at night) and he learned how to open and close big doors. When his friend Tommy was bothering him too much, he just opened the door, let him in , closed the door and walked away!! I hope someone reads this....I LOVE DILLY!!!

Aug 13 2003
Molly is our Shepherd-Lab cross. When someone returns home, she will announce the return by taking one of that person's shoes to another family member.

Aug 5 2003
hello i am a 9 year old scottish terrior and loved to chase cats up trees i know this was a mean thing to do but i couldn't help mysef i just couldn't stop until one day when i saw a little kitten sheltering under a tree i wondered why it wasn't with it's mother then i relise it's mum was stuck in a tree i barked until someone came to get it down. so now i have some advice for dogs who want to stop chasing cats... think of their kittens!

Aug 4 2003
I have a pug, Luke. He loves to be with us. I think he thinks he is a human. Sometimes when I eat at the table, Luke will sit in one of the chairs across from me. Luke has also learned to turn the dishwasher on and off, and to open a drawer of pots and pans. When there is food on the table, and we aren't watching him, Luke will climb up on the table and eat all of out food. Luke is such a great doggie. I love him so much.

Jul 27 2003
My dog's name is Poco. He is five months old, and he loves to chew things and get into trouble. one time my dad left the gate open, so my dog ran. We chasesd after him. He went into my neighbors house then came out and ran to the side of the house and saw some cats. But we got him before he was ready to do something else.

Jul 26 2003
We have a big chair in our family room with a velcro flap that opens and closes, well my dog Nellie took all her toys and bones she could find and would stick her head in the velcro flap and stick her toys in the chair! one day we found her head in there and we looked in and there were all her chew toys!

Jul 22 2003
I had a begal for 11 years named Jack and in November of 2001 he died of old age. I wanted another dog so bad! The next month (December) my parents said that I could have another dog. I was looking in ads until I came across the perfect one. Cocker Spaniels! My dad called the woman who had the mother and the puppies. We went to look at them that evening. I loved the little black one with a white chest! All of his other brothers and sisters were already sold! I thought poor little thing, so we bought him! That night he whined a little bit, but he took being separated from his parents very well! Ever since then we've had a lot of fun together! I love taking care of him! And giving all the doggie treats and toys he needs!

Jul 21 2003
I was reading my new book a healthy life for your new pet and I came across healthy treats to feed your dog blueberries was one of them. We had some fresh blueberries in the fridge so I gave him some. He loved them! He would only eat one at a time because they were so juicy! His tongue was purple for an hour

Jul 21 2003
My dog Lucky does not like me to play with other dogs. One time I was playing with my friend's dog Flash and when I got home Luck smelled the scent of Flash on my hands he barked and barked until I washed my hands!

Jul 21 2003
My dog Lucky is the best dog anyone would want to own. When we first got Lucky he was so tiny. I loved him so much and I still do! Every time he hears someone saying my name he twists his head in a cute way, and whenever he is outside and I'm not with him he barks until I come by his side.

Jul 11 2003
My dog's name is Jesse. Jesse is very smart. If his toy goes under a chair or into some stuff, he will be very cautious about getting it out or just not get it out at all and wait for us to get it out. Other dogs might just rip it out, but Jesse is afraid he might break something and get in trouble. Also, if you put your hand inside his mouth, he will try to get it out, then lick you after. Also, some dogs have trouble getting their tails. One time, Jesse caught his tail, then walked across the room with what he'd caught it on! He looked so funny! I love Jesse!

Jul 9 2003
My Dog's name is Mystique she is a 3 year old Female Rottwieler.........Once i was walking at the beach then she suddenly jumped at a guy and tore his pants and underwear, the guy turned out to have meat in his pocket you be the judge who's fault is it????????????

Jul 9 2003
hi im sylvester and my mom is wendy shes real nice we go to lots of places like the park and to my moms work and wait to pick her up.

Jul 8 2003
Once my dog and I were going on a walk. We were about to turn the corner to our driveway when all of a sudden a mailman came out from my neighbor's driveway. My dog started to growl and bark, but I held him back and closed his mouth shut and towed him back to our house. That was very scary!

Jul 7 2003
I am 10 and I have 10 pets I have a dog, 3 cats, 2 gerbils, a bunny, and 3 chickens.I got my dog Penny a week before Christmas.I had always wanted a dog but hadn`t had one since I was a couple months old.My moms friend came over and I was trying to guess What it was and I said it coudn`t be a dog but it was. Now Penny is 2 and is the best thing that ever happened to me.My other 9 pets-their another story!

Jul 5 2003
My dog's name is Brownie. One day she growled at me and started running towards me! Then she rolled over on her bck with a smile as if to say Can I get a tummy scratch! I thought she was going to kill me!

Jul 3 2003
My dog Prince Alfred is anything but a Prince. He burps in your face, chases the cat,He is spoiled to the point of morning biscuits in bed and a muffin from the corner store on Sundays. He is the most loveable Yorkshire Terrier I have ever met, but knows he is the Prince and gets everything he wants.

Jul 2 2003
My dog Sam is the best dog I've ever had. He is quite unusual in his looks: his ears are curly and blonde while the rest of him is black and brown. Whenever I take him anywhere, people always want to know what breed he is because he is so unusual. I just smile and say he's a purebred-he's 100% dog

Jun 26 2003
Kendall and Jessica
I have a dog her name is Pattie. She likes to play with my hamster, and one time she tried to eat it. She will some times act like a cat and look at the fish hungerily and she bats at them.

Jun 25 2003
Hey My dog is an idiot, one day him and this other dog ran away. A day lata we still couldnt find him well the phone rang and of course it was the dog officer he said the 2 dogs broke in to a house 2 chase a cat knocked ova a christmas tree and broke these 2 windows and went out side and killed ten chickens. The dog officer said there in puppy prision in other words ''THE POUND'' Well we bailed them out and the next day we sold one of them. oh well, there is proof on how big of an idiot he is but hes my idiot and i love him. Oh ya 4 the rest of you guys I know how it feels to lose your pet and sorry guys!!!!!

Jun 25 2003
My dogs name is Maggie. She can get wild but shes still the cutest dog on the block.

Jun 17 2003
hi my dog once got hit by a car and i was very concerned and i found my dog on the side of the road. I hated it. it was horrible. i did not like it at all I JUST WANTED TO SAY THIS TO ALL OF YOU LOVERS WHO LOST A DOG BEFORE. LOVE, JENNIFER

Jun 14 2003
Hi everyone! Have you got a cute Jack Russel or a Hypo Kelpie. They are a lot of hard work but worth it! My dog's are called Ernestine (earnie for short) and Napoleon (Nappie for short). I think that having two dogs is great because you get more fun, your dog doesn't feel lonely and it's great seeing them interact. I just want to say that dogs are the best thing that ever happended to me.

Jun 13 2003
My dog, an adorable golden retriever named Bailey, loves balls, especially tennis balls, sqeakers, etc. Well, anyway, as a party favor, I got a beach ball globe, and Bailey (who usually completely ignores any ball bigger than a soccer ball) was VERY INTERESTED. I threw it for him, and he bopped it back, kinda like Air Bud. He kept doing this for a while. So, later, when I had gathered an audience, I threw it for him, and it hit his head and rolled off. I tried again with the same results. Everyone laughed. Bailey looked at me blankly, still unsure of what was going on around him!

Jun 13 2003
Hey! I have a 2 1/2 year old Black lab mix! She does some pretty funny things! She is very obedient and loyal! When we first got her it was almost Christmas time so we got her early! My mom and dad put her on the ground and she could barely walk. She'd run then fall it was adorable! Also she run under the Christmas tree and pooped. Like she was outside! It was funny!

Jun 9 2003
My dog Spike is wonderful! I made a website about him: /nikkidaskal/spike.html

Jun 8 2003
My dog is name is Herk. We had just moved to the countryside with cow sbehind us and we had no idea that our back yard a hole in it. So he wanted out so bad, so i opened the door and he was off. Herk ran right through the bushes to the cows. i had to go around to the other side jump the fence without shoes and catch hime. needless to say that the ranch keepers were watching me.

Jun 8 2003
My dog's name is Comet. He loves to run around the house. (i'm 14)and when my dad and I are rough housing around here, Comet barks and jumps on my dad and growls at him as if my dad is trying to hurt me. He isn't much of a guard dog, but he tries his best. His favorite treat is celery, believe it or not. I love him SO MUCH!

Jun 2 2003
It was 8 o'clock in the morning when it happened. I was lying in bed sleeping when my dog Jack started licking my face. I could feel that he was tense, then i heard it. I thought I was just dreaming so I didn't get up at first and then Jack started licking me again, thats when I realised that something was wrong, I went down stairs because I could smell something burning, it smelled like rotten eggs or sulfur or something whatever it was it sure smelled bad. Jack started barking because I had closed the door and he was locked in my room. I didn't want him to get hurt if there was a fire so I left him. I know it would have been smarter if I had just called 911 but I didn't think of that at the moment. When I went in the kitchen I didn't see anything wrong but the smell was so strong then when I looked closer I realised that the kettle was all black so I looked at the burner and it was on full heat. I turned it off and opened a window then I went 2 go find the hero of this story.

May 30 2003
My dog once got hit by a trackter trailer. when she came home we wraped her wound up and the next day we toke her to the vet and she got a cast on her leg. when she came home she would not keep her cast on!

May 20 2003
Hi! I have a dog named Kaycee. She is a purebread Border Collie. She is sooooooo cute! When she hears weird sounds she tilts her head like she is confused and she makes a little sound like wrrrrr it is hard to explain but it looks sooooo cute. It is a good thing she can run fast because she almost got ranover by the bus. i am glad she didn't. I love her lots!

May 20 2003
My Dog Named Leretta Is So Cute.

May 18 2003
Our Tail about our free $2700 GSD puppy is much to long to post here. A link to the story is here: Happy Tails, George

May 18 2003
I have the cutest story about my Komondor,Mop and my Cocker Spaniel, Amy. We got them both from articles in the newspaper. Anyway, our cat just had a litter of 8 kittens. I guess they grew attatched to them because when we had to sell them, someone picked Poppy. I thought I was going to cry. But Mop scared the customer by jumping up on him. When he let go of Poppy, Amy brought her back to her mommy. Mop stood guard of the customer till he left. It was so touching, I burst out in tears. It was a long time before I could sell any of the others.

May 17 2003
I have a Lhasa Apso named Minnie. Unlike most Lhasas, her hair is short.My dad calls her D.D (dumb dog)because she never listens.I disagree;because i taught her to sit, shke with both hands,lay, hug you,and to come, but she only comes inside the house. Dumb or not my 2 year old Lhasa Apso Minnie, will always be my sweetheart.

May 16 2003
My dog's name is Sarah and she loves me! :P

May 13 2003
All our pets names begin with M. We had a dog called Max and one called Martha, three cats called Mitsy, Minnie and Muffie and six goldfish called Mickey, Minnie, Mango, Marble, Millie and Mitch. We didn't have them all at the same time but over a period of 15 years. Max the dog and Minnie and Mitsy the cats were our first pets. Max died when I was 1 year old, Mickey and Minnie the fish died when I was about 7, Mango, Marble, Millie and Mitch were given away to our neighbours last year and Millie has died now and Muffie our cat is still alive. Muffie is evil. She bites and scratches loads of people.

May 13 2003
My lovely black labrador Martha died last year on December 19th aged 14. Her back legs got paralysed and she couldn't move. My Mum took her to the vets and she was put down the next morning. Now we are going to get a new dog but we are not sure what breed. My Mum wants a Border terrier or another labrador but I want a bernese mountain dog or a golden retriever.

May 12 2003
i think dogs r cool and i have the cutist dog named MORLEY!

May 12 2003
I love my puppy Misty. She is a Shih Tsu She's Puffy after she gets a bath also. I think she is the most cute puppy in the world. She's also very frisky.

Dec 29 2002
Our new puppie hops when we play with it. we havent named her yet. She is 6 weeks old and just bought it today for fifty dollars.Its a jack russel

Dec 24 2002
My grandma haves three pommeranians and their tails are across their back they run around in circles then chases their tail in tale they get dizzy and bump into the table and fall down and roll over like their dumb but they are silly and funny they are so funny they make me laugh that I fell to the groud like a dead bird does will I still like animals and when I grow up I want to be a vet because I like animal so much I culed just kiss them my grandma havesfive dogs and a bird that is a nut

Dec 22 2002
My dog, maddie is a 15 month old Labrador. she is so gorgeous and has a really great temperment, anyone she sees she will run up to looking for a pat. Maddie loves to eat and if you go outside with any kind of food, she will be right at your feet, looking at you with her big sad eyes, shes very hard to resist! Maddie also loves oranges. she will pick them off the tree, chew a hole in the skin and then lick the juice for a while. she loves swimming too and dives staight in to our swimming pool. She is a fantastic dog and i love her to bits.

Dec 18 2002
My dog, Whiplee is a Jack-Russell Terrier. He surprised our family greatly when we got him. My mom got him from a breeder just because he was cute; which i must admit, he was. When we got him home, my mom read a little about the breed; she found that some people call them Jack-Russell Terrorists because some tend to dig up lawns and kill pet rodents. But, despite what the book said, Whiplee maintains a very calm attitude. He loves to eat and sleep. We're not quite sure what his favorite food is, he eats almost everything.

Dec 18 2002
i have a dog name Bummz and when my mom is in bed and Bummz is on her my dad comes to say by to my mom bummz barks ,grows&and gets mad he does it alot .i still love him alot

Dec 12 2002
my puppy libby jumps on my bed and acks like she owns it. she does it all the time

Dec 8 2002
trixie is askiperken she loves to play fetch so we play fetch so many times a day she is a good gard dog because she barks when thier is danger she loves me so much when i play with her she does not let anybody hurt me at all i love her so munch i hug her.

Dec 5 2002
My Aussie, is like a baby, the other night I grabbed a doll I have and as I was talking to my doll and pretending I was kissing her, he Aussie look at my husband jump on his lap and kiss him, I guess he told me, if you don't love me I don't care because I have my daddy!!!

Nov 29 2002
Hi! I have a doberman pinscher named Keta. One day we were at the dog park and she was playing with another dog and suddenly she did a summersalt! It was so cute and funny I wish she could do it again.

Nov 16 2002
Our family has an American Eskimo dog,Frosty,and he's 1 yr old.He is the cutest little thing,and runs around the house like a BAT!!We're having a time with him being in the puppy stage..he chews on a very expensive couch!We tell him,you're a Mo-Mo,and you do po-pos,those are no-nos,so you have to go-go.(go with us when we leave the house that is!)He's pesky,but we wouldn't part with him for anything.

Nov 15 2002
When my family goes out to the lake we have our jetskis. Well my chocolate lab Roxy likes to go with me on the jetski and rip some nice donuts on the jetskis. Roxy also likes to go tubing with me. My dog once went up stairs and laid in my cat Tigger's bed well Tigger went to her bed and laid in the basket with Roxy and they fell asleep. It was sooooooooo cute

Nov 12 2002
Everytime you give someone a hug around my cholate lab Abby she gets super jealous and starts to whine and bark... So funny.

Nov 9 2002
My dog just had a litter of pure breeed Germann Sheapards. When I go outside one of the puppies is always in the food pan sleeping. It fat rolls at 4 weeks old! I never seen such a fat puppy.

Nov 9 2002
My pupppy Doppy doesn't like baths at all, or things in his ears. When I gave him a bath the other day and put ear mite stuff in his ears he got very mad. After the bath he ran around the house and rolled on the floor. Now whenever I try to pick him up and take him to get a bath, he kicks and barks and crys like a little baby. Its very cute.

Nov 9 2002
The 1st time that I saw Choco(my Chocolate lab) at the Breaders in Black Creek I almost melted, she was playing with one of her sisters, she had this cute little noes and a small tail and ears that she kept tripping over! Huge paws, her fur was like fluff, but silky and soft, she licked my face and then i brought her home she ran around my house 3 times and fell over and barked! it was so funny!

Nov 8 2002
jess & tess ( my greyhound )
One day tess was lying in her bed and my mum called her for her dinner. But tess didn't come out ( which is very unusual ). So, my mum brought tess' dinner in the living room. She was still lying on her blanket. Then me and mum started laughing because she was nuzzling her blanket, trying to hide her dog bowl with all her food in!!!!!!!

Nov 7 2002
Quintina K.
How I got my dog Zeus: I met Zeus at my local SPCA and I instantly fell in love with him. Of corse my mom wanted a American Bulldog I wanted Zeus so bad so we looked at his history and found out he was Bullmastiff/Pit/Dane. I didn't care what he was cuz he turned out to be my baby!

Nov 1 2002
One day my family was eating dinner and my dog, Ubu,jumeped up on the table and stool a roast beaf! By the time Ubu the roast beaf was almost gone! So we took the small bit that was left and threw it away because it was all slobery. THE END

Oct 24 2002
once we were at home and we were blowing some bubbles that i got for my birthday and my dog poppy started to leap up in the air and she was trying to catch the bubbles then she started to run from one room to another at top speed. ever since we have called that her mad half hour!!

Oct 21 2002
Once when my dog was a puppy she was very playful.She liked playing on the stairs.One day my mom saw she was jumping off the stairs!To this day her nickname is super dog.

Oct 16 2002
i got my new dog storm hes a german shepard and hes 7 now andmy and my step dad were in the shed ad ronan keating was on and he started howling and singing and now when hes grumpy we put ronan keating and hes happy afterwads

Oct 15 2002
i just got a a new dog yesterday(oct14,02) i love him he's a german shepard pure bred we named him leo because his b'day is in august. he has a problem with wining and howling i really don't know what to do but it will soon stop(hopefully)he'll always be my homie.

Oct 11 2002
my 7 month old puppy is so cute when she picks up a ball the size of her head and runs around in circles. Also when you say im gona get ya blossom she runs away for a minute when i said it one time she ran and looked behind her to lok at my to see if i was chasing her and ran head first in the corner of the frige

Oct 10 2002
My dog Otis was sitting in his kennel when he saw my 5 year old brother sitting by himself outside,My brother accuatly hated dogs until Otis came and lifted his hand up. My brother thought that it was gonna kill him until otis lifted my brothers hand up and shaked it. It was cute to look at.

Sep 25 2002
hey! my dog's name is Ginger and she is a golden retriever/lab mix. She is 2 years old and is turning 3 october 21! she is so special to me b/c she saved my life this summer. on june 25, my house burned down (it got struck by lightning) and she came up to my room, got me out of bed, and helped get me out safely. we also got the rest of my family out. without her, my family and i would all be dead. thats why i love her so much.

Sep 14 2002
I got my Golden Retriever, Max last year for my birthday, September 18th. He was a puppy and is now 1. We were babysitting little baby kittens while my sister's friend was on vacation and we kept them in a box where Max couldn't see them or get them. When they kittens left he started whining and he did it the next day too. It was so cute!!!

Sep 14 2002
I have a 8 month old Pekignese. My little sister loves to lay on the swing on her stomach my dog always trys it but never gets it right.One day my mother went outside to get him and he was laying on the swing!

Sep 13 2002
I have a Shih Tzu who is 9 months old. Her name is Zoe. My family and I trained her to shake paw when we gave her treats. Now she does it right away without being asked before I get a chance to sit down and give the treat to her! BTW, she also has the cutest howl/bark! It's definitely her trademark. I love my Zoe.

Sep 4 2002
Jeremy Joshua Liew Teck Kwee
My dog's Name is CASPER. She is a hybrid of mixed Rottweiler and German Shepherd. She is always jumping on me every time I come back home from my office. To make matters worse she is no longer a puppy at all. She is now as big as any German Shepherd and as heavy as a Rottweiler. She Enjoys pushing me down on the ground. Any I do not mind at all. After all she is the best dog who would listen to me.

Aug 29 2002
My sister's dog, Freckles, is a shepherd-husky-akita mix (according to the vet). He is beautiful and trained on command. One day my sister walked by the living room in time to see Freckles take a potato chip from my niece's plate. My sister said, Freckles, No Bite! Freckles froze and held his position as my sister walked over to take the intact potato chip from his mouth! Now THAT's obedience! (He was trained at Dog House, Inc in St. Louis, MO)

Aug 29 2002
Christopher B
I have a puppy beagle named Jag, he doesnt like baths to much cause he is never dry enough after.... After a bath Jag goes crazy! letting his front arms flail along as he scoots around on his back legs with his face dragging on the floor, all this to dry off of course...

Aug 17 2002
My Dog Beethoven is really cool.He is a 6 year old Corgi/Chow mix.I'm 12 now but when I was 7 my mom told me to pick up the yard by putting my toys away.So I started putting them in then shed when Beethoven started picking up balls and helping me.It was really cool.

Aug 17 2002
My Dog Jauqes is a monster in the morning biting every one playfully with his little pins of teeth and is extremly docile and quiet at night.I've had him for about 2 weeks.He's a 3 month old black Pomeranian.

Aug 17 2002
I've had Eddie since he was eight weeks old, he's a Maltese/Poodle and will be seven months old in 5 days. He's the joy of my life and being so young and full of life he loves to play. He comes to work with me every day in my van and when we get home all he wants to do is play while all I want to do is rest. So Eddy has found a way to get me to play; he steals something that he knows he shouldn't have (remote control,my smokes, lighter, a shoe, 2 litre coke bottle). He never sneaks off with the item, he always makes sure I see him with it then bolts when I react. Naturally I have to retrieve it and he looks hilarious running away with his stolen goods in his mouth looking over his shoulder. Ican't get angry 'cos he looks so funny, all I can do is try to chase him with tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks, eventually I end up joining in on the game and we replace the item with one of his sticks from his huge stick collection. Pretty resourceful dawg eh?

Aug 13 2002
The afore-mentioned tale (tail) I'll explain, my dog was about to steal food from one of my husband says in the sweetest voice possible: You know if you take that food you're gettin a boot up your (rear end) (other word for it) and the dog ran to his favorite hiding spot. I'm convinced.....they understand us.

Aug 13 2002
Don't tell me dogs don't understand english. My dog is a Manchester Terrier, and they say the tone is what matters when you speak to them, the same as babies. I'm here to tell you the tone doesn't matter. No matter if you're sweet or hatefull in your tone, my dog understands, hence: if he's in trouble, he knows it!!!!! I would expllain my theory, but there's too many words and a little profanity involved, although the profanity was the sweetest voice you'd hear. :)

Aug 4 2002
I'm 14 and all the dogs that i have ever had were always little dogs and they loved getting dressed up in baby clothes.. my newest dog is named bullet he is such a little goof he loves ice cream and he does circles when he gets it ..I sure am wanting him to be the next benji cause he is almost 8 weeks old as of august 7th. he is so smart he knows how to sit and beg an roll over shake.he's mom is my other dog pepper she is so like him cause she gets excited and starts running laps around every one it's cute

Jul 30 2002
One time I was in the car and I had two of my dogs with me.Eeyore and Monkey.Monkey was sitting up front and Eeyore took her spot.Eeyore laid down and Monkey sat on her head.

Jul 29 2002
My dog Toby likes to like the dishes when I am putting them in the dishwasher but one day the bottom drawer came out and hit him (he wasnt hurt) but now whenever i do the dishes he runs outside!!!

Jul 29 2002
My new puppy Riley was sitting under the table while i was eating and i have a glass table so i had a muffin on the table and he tried to jump up to get it and hit his nose on the table!!!

Jul 27 2002
My Name is Jewlie and I'm from Texas. I have an white covered cocker spainal with brown spots and brown ears named Sammy. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me. I treat him as if he was my son. I got him when he was very young. He didnt bark or anything. So one day I had him in my arms and I started barking and howling. To my surpise, this little puppy that never uttered a single sound started copying the sounds I was making. Now hes older and every time I bark or howl, he does the exact same noise!

Jul 21 2002
Hi my name is Kelsi.My dog's name is Dusty.Whenever we go swimming he barks if we run and jump off the dock.(i live on a lake)I remember one time I was running of the dock and he followed me.But when I got to the end of the dock he tried to stop but instead he slipped of the end, and fell into the water.Silly dusty!!(we also call him Dusty D. Dog from thoose say no to drugs books) He is a blue Heeler, Retreiver, and Lab.

Jul 21 2002
Hi! My dog, Rocky is adorable!!! I got him from the RSPCA and he is a pointer X blue heeler or wolfhound. He is an outside dog, but on cold nights we let him sleep in the laundry. When he wants something he sits and droops his head a bit but looks up at you with these adorable brown eyes, and sometimes he lifts up his paw and waves it like he's saying hi! He's pretty naughty, not as good as my other dog, Kandi. She listened to everything i said so that soon i didn't know what was left to teach her! Oh, and sometimes when I take Rocky for walks, or he is just wandering around the backyard, he stops and does that pointer thing. You know in Mickey Mouse, how Pluto's tail goes stiff and he leans forward and lifts up his paw? It is soooooooo cute! well, i think i've written to much, so cya! :)

Jul 20 2002
I have a yorkypoo named Tumles. I've had her for a year. My dad loves her. One day my dad held her high up in the air and she put her paws on his eye's and sshe started walking in the air. And she does somthing else too. Somtimes she puts her paws over her eye's and yawn'es.

Jul 18 2002
My dog is a malinoit of 14 years old. He closes my curtains by taking them into his mouth and walk backwards. But the best thing is when he wanted to go for a walk once. He got my trainers and pushed them into my stomach while I still was watching TV.

Jul 13 2002
MY other dog is a akita her name is giger she likes to step on the TV remote and change the chanel as well as one time she got ahold of some gum and sit on the sofa and was chewing it and had on of her leggs proped up on the arm rest as if she was a person just watching TV

Jul 13 2002
MY dog is a toy poodle named muffin she has a rubber green turtle she thinks is her baby she will go and get it if you ask where is the baby and she also makes my akita and us babysit it

Jul 13 2002
My puppy, Peanut runs up the stairs before i can catch him and hides under my bed with a sock or towle he stole from our laundry room. It takes about 10 minutes to actully get him out from under the bed! He is soo funny but cute.He is just like a cat. He will crawl up on your shoulders and sleep its sooo funny.

Jul 10 2002
My dog Reefe is a 6 month old golden cocker spaniel. He loves to play outside, but loves it even more if I play with him. He comes to the door and scratches, and when I open the door he runs, expecting me to chase after him. He also has a special couch of his and he often sits on it then cries for me to come and sit with him. He is so gorgeous!

Jul 9 2002
My dogs name is Buddy.He's the crazyest dog and smallest I ever seen.But he's very very cute.Buddy is a Jack Rusel Terryer.He is 3/2 pouds and 3 months old

Jul 9 2002
Every time there was a storm my dog Kayleigh would push down her gate (that would block her from the other parts of the house)and go into the bathroom and jump into the bathtub. She was the best dog I ever had! She was put down 2 years ago becuz of back problems.

Jul 8 2002
my dogs name is rocket and he is boxer. he one of the cutest dogs i've ever seen any way one day my parents bought a new couch we took it out the car and put it in the living room which is right by the back door. the back door must of been open because right when left to pick up the pizza my dog opend the door and peeed on my moms brand new couch was my mom MAD!!!

Jun 30 2002
I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Jasmine. When she was a puppy she loved ripping apart toilet rolls. One day she took one out of the bin and got it stuck on the end of her nose. She looked like Pinoccio. It was soooo cute. It was on her nose for about 2 minutes until she managed to get it off.

Jun 26 2002
My dog tommy is so cute he is a little puppy with the prettiest eyes ever and when you sit and play with him and you growl at him he will run and hide under are porch and wimper then you say in a soft voice tommy come here boy its ok and he'll come to you and lick your face.

Jun 25 2002
My dog has a special pillow for him. He would never sleep without it. Once it was too dirty, so we had to wash it. That night my dog was walking around the whole house barking, and wouldn't sleep. The next morning when it was all dried he then was satisfied and started to sleep. One weird habbit he has is to lick my toes while I'm walking. Sometimes i trip over him so I get really annoyed, but he usually makes my cheer up again.

Jun 23 2002
My basset hound Roo is a character. She won't eat one pig ear, she has to have 2 at a time. It you get in her way, she will sit on you. She bites toes. She loves butter. She snores. She refuses to sleep unless on a pillow, matress, or chair. If someone bigs her while she sleeps, she kicks them. She trips over her ears. She walk up the steps to my room to find I can't get down... happens all the time. She watchs tv. She eat frozen corn dogs

Jun 21 2002
Max my dog is the best dog because he loves me.Dad didn't want a dog it all started when Mum picked up the news paper and said there was a dog for sale,so we went to go and see.He was so cute!!!But Dad said NO! so we went shopping like Dad wanted to.When we had finished shopping we when back and it was like magic Dad gust said ye ok!! so now we have a 3 year old dog.Max now can do tricks like paw high 5 high 10 beg down roll over.MAX IS THE CUTEST!!.

Jun 17 2002
When I was giving my dog, Jake, a bath I laid down the shampoo and Jake took the shampoo when I wasn't looking and when I turned around he turned his head like he didn't have it. I thought that was realy cute!!

Jun 13 2002
my dog is so cute he rides on the 4 weeler with me

Jun 9 2002
When I Was little my dog Bise was very well trained. When i played out side in the front yard crawling onthe side walk she would knoge me back on the grass. she woulndt let me get hurt I loved her and she loved me. She was a black lab. I miss her

Jun 8 2002
My Dauchund who has learned to Track won't go out in the rain to get his little feet wet,but we were at a Tracking clinic and it was raining and cold it even started to hail His nose hit the ground and he finished the track so fast and didn't even touch the treats just showed me the articles and zoom done.

Jun 1 2002
i have two dogs, a 3 month old australian cattle dog (lucky), and a 13 yr old bull terrier! (fuchi) we got lucky from the RSPCA two months ago, unfortunately fuchi hasnt taken to lucky yet, so when lucky is in the room she'll follow him everywhere with her ears pricked up and her hairs on her back standing up! Lucky runs around in circles getting really scared! its so funny! i know it;s mean though, but still..

May 31 2002
One time I brought a friend to my house,she has a problem with growing so she's very small, but the same age as me. My dog gets excitted in seeing vistors so when Laura came he jumped all over her and knocked her over!

May 27 2002
I have a part Britany spainal part Bull tierrier.She is 4 months old.Her name is Moca.One time my dad was parking and she ran out of the house and jumped in the car and licked his face.

May 27 2002
my sheltie (keno) is such a darling. just this evening, he kept on barking at the massage therapist here in the house because it was my turn to be massaged. he kept on pulling her shirt as if he was saying DONT DO THAT! he was soooo cute...he gets alarmed whenever someone does physical contact with me. i cant afford to leave him, he follows me everywhere, he sleeps beside me, and he has this thing whenever im about to leave where he'll go way way ahead towards the gate and when i get there, he wont go out till i say come. good he knows how to control himself though i know he's always dying to be with me...awww i love my dog!!!

May 23 2002
My dog saved me from a fire and my mom. I think my dog should be in the world champions dog training an I'll train her!

May 19 2002
My dog isn't the friendliest dog in the world, but she does some funny stuff. Whenever she is excited she runs around in circles ( she's a sheltie ). Also, when she gets out when we are leaving to go somewhere she WILL NOT go back in the house. We literally have to carry her back in. I think it's funny!

May 13 2002
My dogs Dolly and Jazmine love to lay down at he front screen door and chew on their toys and wait for people to walk past. They get excited and bark happily when the people they know walk by. And their people friends wave and say hello to them. But when people they don't know walk by they do this protective not so nice barking. They will entertain themselves like this for hours during the spring and summer. Sometimes we get tired of hearing them. But all we have to do is shut the door.

May 8 2002
I play Hide and Seek with my terrier, Emme. She loves the game. When she finds me I praise her a whole lot and tell her how smart she is!

May 4 2002
Whippet Lover
I have a Whippet named Bailey that is soooo funny!!! When he gets excited he gets something we call the supersillys. He scruches up his butt and runs around like an idiot! It is Really funny! He also gets it after he has a bath. After his bath he chrouches down on the stairs and wiggles around! That is really funny,too. We are hopeing to get it on video sometime.

May 2 2002
hi i have three dogs 2 are kuskey and lad mixes the other one is a great dane they all are scared of the vaume when ever you turn it on they eighter bark at it or they run or hide under something the great dane is 4 yrs old the one other dog is 9 the other no e is 8 they are both sisters i have had 12 dogs at once

Apr 26 2002
my dog he like to get you if you have a tooth pick in your mouth he like to jump on you and try to get it and then we pull it in our mouth or when my mom is on the couch and h\she is in his spot he will start growlin at her

Apr 19 2002
I have a Snoodle puppy and her name is is Lulu. She is so cute !!!!! She is grey but her ears are black. Not to long ago my little brother, Matthew cut Lulu's hair . Her hair was black before this happend. (It was so bad that it looked like she had mage!)About a week later my mom took her to the groomers and she came back with bows in her hair! Lulu is a really silly and cute dog!!!!!!! She sleeps with me now . She is almost house broken!!! Lulu has toughtr me alot of lessons. I hope ever one that has a dog learns at least one lesson from their dog! Did you know that dogs are smarter than people!! I love dogs!!

Apr 16 2002
One time I was home alone in my room and my dog Ally was eating in the kitchen i came outto check on her and she ate all the fruit that we had laying around

Apr 13 2002
My dog is named Rigs he is a Jack Russel Terrier.When we vaccum he goes crazy,he starts barking and then he attacks the vaccum.It is sooooo funny!!!!!!!!

Apr 12 2002
Biscuit is a great dog. She is a lab/chow/Golden retriever mix. She has the most beautiful golden coat.She is pregnant by the lab next door. The puppies are going to be so cute.

Apr 10 2002
My dog goes crazy when I turn on the vacum. She runs and hides under the bed. And image this site she is a german shepard!!!!!

Apr 9 2002
My dog howls when he heres my recorder playing. It is so funny.

Apr 1 2002
My grandparents have a golden retrever named ZEKE. He lies on his back and with his paws he lifts his ball out of his moulth. ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY.

Mar 18 2002
My dog is Chance.She is so cute when she rolls over on her belly. She trys to get attention. When she knows shes in trouble she crawls like a little snake.I think she is the best dog ever..........

Mar 17 2002
Brandi (Lobo's girl)
My cute lttle beagle Lobo is only one and we came so close to losing him. I got home and terrror struck! I looked outside and Lobo was shaking uncontrollably. I ran outside, wrapped him in a blanket, put him in the car and we rushed him to the neareest vet. When we arrived, the vet was on an emergency so was not there. The nurse took him to the back and then called the vet. He said he would be there in 1 and 1/2 hours, but every second Lobo got worse. We were running out of time. The nurse gave about 4 shots and covered him with wet towells. Finally, in what seemed like a lifetime the vet showed up. He rushed in and put Lobo on an I.V. after he was finished doctoring him, he told me he had been poisened and was probably not going to make it. Lobo stayed in the hospital for 3 days, and on the 4th day miraculuosly walked out. He was on medication for 3 weeks and still under risk of going into seizures again. He didn't and he is in my back yard Right now. the bill is outragous but ...

Mar 14 2002
I have the cutest sheltie you can think of! His name is Lasso. The storie behind his name is... when I was little, Lasso would run in circles over & over! It was sooooo cute!!:) Another adorible thing my dog does is when he barks at my parents when my dad hugs us & makes a growling noise. Lasso does this whenever my mom says Oht! Time to go back to work!

Mar 12 2002
I have a chocolate lab named Tierra and a Jack Russel named Dixie. Dixie is the craziest dog...she fetches ANYTHING. When she was about a yr. old she'd go to the chicken coop and find any fresh eggs and bring them one by one to the house where she'd set them down on the deck and open the screen door (if it was loose). Then she'd carry the egg to my mom and sit at her feet waiting for her to see it. Once mom thanked her for the egg she'd rush back to get the next one. If the door was closed she'd scratch and bark until somebody opened it....she is 11 yrs. old now and has long since retired from egg delivery. Tierra is only a yr. old... she hasn't had any experience with eggs, but she loves swimming and fetching stuff from the water. When we go swimming together she suddenly acts like she can't swim and tries to climb on me. When I duck under the water she swims around in circles trying to find me. I love the look on her face when she sees me pop up somewhere else...

Mar 12 2002
My dog is really sweet and i love it when he washes him self you know when they lick their paws and wipe their ears with it. He is called Ozzy because are family loves the film wizard of oz!

Mar 9 2002
Hi. i have a german shepherd and he is absolutely gorgeous. There is this bush in our garden that he has this weird obsesion of eating. last night i found him lying on his mat covered in leaves and flowers. the silly thing had been right in the bush obviously eating it but didn't do a good job of hiding the evidence!! i still luv him heaps!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 7 2002
I have a very intelligent 4 year old 3/4 Border Collie and 1/4 Blue Heeler Mix named Bartholomew. This multi-talented dog competes in 4-H obedience trials, showmanship, and agility. He absolutely adores agility. Once we were doing a demo for some kids that don't have much exposure to dogs. He had a blast! The kids got to take him through the course on and off leash. He loved every moment of it.

Mar 6 2002
Hi, I have a small poodle named Angel, and a Simease cat named Pepper. I love them both very much. My cat eats all day nonstop! My dog on the otherhand hardly eats anything! Pepper is 2 times bigger than Angel, and Angel isn't afraid of her! Angel will chase Pepper up the stairs, and try to bite her tail! It's SO funny! Well until nextime!

Mar 6 2002
Our English Mastiff pup is six months old. He recently tried using his paws to knock items off of our coffee table. Once learning that he would get in trouble for this, he resorted to using his chin instead. He watches as he does it, and once your eyes aren't on him he knocks it all off the table. He also tries slowly scooting his big self onto my husbands lap when he is sitting on the couch. He starts with he head, followed by his front legs and eventually tries to get his back legs up there. He wants to be a lap dog so bad...but where would we sit?

Mar 5 2002
My dog Lucy is a very funny yellow labrador and when she had a cone on her head it was very funny! She was walking around bumping in to every thing, I felt bad for her, but I could't help laughing!

Mar 2 2002
Country Redneck Chic (Mandi)
Hey! This is Mandi from West Virginia. I think Walker Coon Dogs are the best. Coon Hunting is great you should try it.

Feb 28 2002
I have a beautiful, smart, funny, loving Lab/Airdale Terrier/Irish Wolfhound mix named April. She is my love. April turns 3 today. Happy Birthday Baby.... We Love You Poopy Head!

Feb 27 2002
Once we had a scottish terrier that had a huge head one night he got off his chain and my dad was scared because he thought he had run the dog over he finally found the pitch black dog and when he tried to bring him in the dog stopped to get a drink of water his head was so big he fell face first in the bowl!

Feb 26 2002
I came from Belgium.I have a cute dog his name is Chabby. Its a Maltezer. Its a cute dog,she springs always in she's box. Waf woef waf woef!!!

Feb 15 2002
About two years ago my boxer had puppies. My next door neighbor wanted one so bad so i gave her one. Over the summer her grandson was playing in the back yard and Dallas (her dog) was watching him. Suddenly Dallas saw the little boy in the pool. The dog pulled the little boy out of the pool and as my neighbor says saved her grandsons life! WOW!

Feb 15 2002
We recently lost our little dog, she was a Bichon named Pekaboo. She was the best dog ever! She did so many funny things.In our kitchen we have a child's table and chairs set, when we sat down to dinner, Pekaboo would jump up and sit on the little chair, like she was sitting at the table too! She would sit there through the whole dinner!

Feb 13 2002
i have 2 dogs.1 is a great dane/german sherped named Barkley.whanever you bring him his food he will start chomping his jaws nonstop. my other dog is a beagle named Baxter.he will sit in his food bowl until you feed

Feb 11 2002
I have a Jack Russel Rat Terrier. She is two years old. I have had her for about a year. We have grown very attached to each other. She is so active and playful. But our other dog is too old to play with her, so she plays with the cat! It is very funny.

Feb 3 2002
Hi,we have a 7month old Maltese name Tesesha. She is a beautiful,lively active little girl,she's always into everything.She loves to go on walks,and go on rides in the car.Her favorite toy is your fingers. That's Right:: But she is the Love & Joy of my husband & I lives.

Feb 1 2002
hi i have a dog called Piper.She is a mix between a beagle and a spaniel.I love her so much.Once i woke up one morninig and i went to get my socks and when i put on my second sock there was a big hole in the front because Piper has bitten a hole in it.hahahaha

Jan 27 2002
I have a dog called oscar he`s a coile and a terri. I just love him to bits even if he dose drive up the wall. The really funny when the postman comes he tries to rip his hand off. Oscar is a year old but he`s the best.he love to go for a run on the beach and the back garden. So that`s me & oscar like to do the most.

Jan 25 2002
My dog, Flea, loves Starbucks’ Frappuccinos. When I am drinking one and I am where she can reach me, I have to fight her off while I am drinking it. I discovered this when I was home sick one day from work. My husband had just taken me to the doctor’s and the drug store for medicine. I bought a Frappuccino to make myself feel better. I went home and put the opened Frappuccino on the night stand, put the dogs in bed, and went into the master bath. When I came out, she was standing with her front paws on the night stand and her tongue in my bottle. She was looking at me all the time her tongue was trying to lap up the Frappuccino. She is not this persistent with me when it comes to food, but watch out when I open that Frappuccino bottle, she comes running.

Jan 23 2002
Every time I'm finished with giving my dog, Goldie, a bath I un-hook the leash and say RUN!. She then runs around the yard really fast in circles. My family calls her phsyco-dog. She does this every time that she gets wet. This gets her pretty dry though. It's so funny!

Jan 22 2002
My German Shepherd, Lydia, (aka overgrown baby!), went out to relieve herself in the yard. It was cold, very cold, and so in order to make us feel guilty for making her do her business outside as opposed to indoors on the carpet, she looked at us pathetically while lifting one paw at a time, shaking it off and gingerly placing it down again. Now, granted, it WAS cold out, and we may well have felt sorry for her, but then she let on that things were not nearly as bad for her as she had been making them out to be when she suddenly caught sight of a bird flying overhead and proceeded to chase after it, playfully running to and fro, wagging her tail and holding her back end up in the play position. We watched as she continued this for a full five minutes or so. When the bird finally tired of teasing her and flew off, she once more remembered that she was supposed to be cold, looked at us again, and began the same pathetic routine that she had earlier been engaged in.

Jan 19 2002
my dog Sebastion is a blond Cocker Spanial every time he gets out of the bath be runs around the house rubbing his ears on the carpet non stop.... IT IS SO CUTE AND FUNNY

Jan 13 2002
Just me
I have a small puppy that is a shi-tzu crossed maltese and he is sooo cute. Whenever he wants food he stands up on two legs and begs with his paws. Sometimes he even walks on two legs. I also have a labrador crossed German Sheperd who gives you hand shakes. Sweet.

Jan 7 2002
I have a medium sized border collie mix named Elsie. She is very funny. When we go to Burger King, she orders a burger (plain)and then, she carries it home in a bag in her mouth! She will also do this with mail or presents, as long as it involves a treat.

Jan 7 2002
On a particularly snowy day, while I was putting on my snow suit, my brittany spaniel sheepdog mix was circling me excitingly. I went to the kitchen to get my gloves and when I turned around, my dog had brought me my snow suit!!!!! I cracked up laughing. This is just one of the many humorous things she does.

Jan 6 2002
My Mid size dovermen loves her toys. The cutest thing she has done was pile up all her doggie toys in the middle of the living room. She was about 11 months old at the time and she still loves to play with her little animal toys. She always has to sleep with her stuff animal at night no matter how old she gets.

Jan 6 2002
My dog Sally on Christmas stuck nearly her whole body in her new stocking and she pulled out some meaty doggy treats. Unlike all of the other dogs.

Jan 5 2002
Amie d.
My dog will sit in front of the t.v. and when she sees a dog she'll bark and once there was a comercial for petco and alot of dogs were barking and she(mandy)started going crazy and started barking alot

Jan 5 2002
My dog's name is Ariel and when it is snowing outside she jumps up and tries to catch snow in her mouth.

Dec 16 2001
My dog rocky is 3 years old and every time i watch the animal planet he barks and howls if there is a dog on T.V.

Dec 11 2001
I was walking in my living room looking for my dog, his name is Georgie. He wasn't there. So i went up to my room and there he was sitting up on my bed with his cute little eyes looking at me. I could tell he was sad so i took him for a walk and after gave him some food and water then he jumped up on me and licked me, thanks.

Nov 27 2001
Hello. I have a Border Collie/mix dog. Her name is Patches. Well when she was a puppy she use to go to all the houses in our neighborhood and get any and all trash out of their yard and bring it to my porch. Then she would bark and I mean bark until we would come outside and see what she had brought us. Like it was a present or something. LOL. Well one time around Christmas time it was snowing we heard her outside barking so my husband went to the door to see what she had brought for us this time. He opens the door and starts laughing so hard. I thought what is it this time....? Well it was a real deer leg. LOL. HAHAHAHAHA. Don't ask me where or how she got it, but she did. The funny thing is Patches was at that time only about 3 months old. Can u imagine a little 10 pound dog walking down the street in Town with a BIG deer leg in her mouth. I bet people laughed their butts off! LOL. I know we did.

Nov 9 2001
We have 3 dogs. One is a border collie and the other 2 are German Shepherds.My dog Jewel is my German Shepherd. She's 2 years old and she's a funny one. She is VERY into the rules. If you break any rules around her she goes postal. She loves cheese,cookies and the occasional steak. She also loves to help mom cook. She knows tons of recipes. but mostly she likes me to read Harry Potter to her. She loves to watch Shrek and the old Shakespearian play Much Ado About Nothing. Then theres Indy. Indy is a 9 year old German Shepherd and, he's been my best friend ever since I was 2. He's always looked after me and kept me safe. He's a lot like Jewel. He loves, steaks,cheese, Peanut butter and peanut butter cookies but mostly he likes to play. he loves to get up at 2:00 AM to talk to dad and dad just got used to it after a while.

Nov 5 2001
My dog Gretchen always runs past this one table.My cat Tinker always sits on that table.So when are little dog Gretchen runs by the cat pounces on our dog Gretchen.

Oct 28 2001
My dog, Waylon, has been with me for 4 years, since he was 12 weeks old. I went to the animal shelter and he was the only puppy that wasn't with a litter. It turned out that he'd been dropped off at the shelter one night after some people found him wandering the streets. The lady at the shelter let me hold him even though I hadn't said I was going to adopt him (although I knew I wanted to). As soon as she put him in my arms, he grabbed onto me as hard as he could and wouldn't let go.He was so frightened at the shelter that he'd been shaking in his kennel. I couldn't resist him--we've been through all sorts of good and bad times together since then. He's a great friend!

Oct 14 2001
I have two rescued dogs, Lucius and Nero, who love to chase each other around and roll in fresh grass clippings! I'm so lucky to have such fun, good dogs!

Oct 14 2001
Amy F.
My Sharpei/Pitbull/?/ Pondo Sinatra's wife,St. Pauli Girl died on Sept. 10,2001. We all loved her very much and will all miss her for eternity............... Wanna go for a R-I-D-E???? good girl Paw Paw>>...

Oct 14 2001
my little doggy Max always barks when the door bell rings, and when we open the door he runs away and hids under the couch. he also likes to dress up on halloween.he is cute.

Sep 14 2001
My 1 year old rat\toy terrier loves to eat french fries (preferably Sonics ). Unfortunetly my dog lives with my aunt. My aunt spoils my dog rotten and buys the dog french fries every night.

Sep 9 2001
Mykee is a rescued border collie that I got 9 months, he knows left right, teh whole works. one time when we were camping we chased a squirrel right up a deadfall and tried to jump into a live birch tree beside it! It was hilarious! (no he didn't get hurt!)

Aug 9 2001
I have a 9 year old staffordshire bullterrier named spinner. When she finds a skipping rope she spins it a around. And when we jump on the trampoline she runs around underneath it and likes the poles. STAFFYS ROCK!!!

Aug 8 2001
My dog's name is Shep and he is a border collie.I have a paper route and Shep helps me with it by taking the paper in his mouth and dropping it on the porch.

Aug 1 2001
My dog is an english cocker spaniel named Esmerelda but we call her Esi for short. She is a very silly show dog. She is afraid of every thing, like one day she went to snif my pet rat Cinder nose to nose and Cinder bit Esi's nose really hard! Now Esi is afraid of my rat!

Jul 29 2001
Dog lover
my husband and my pug stand in the window,and takes turns barking at nothing

Jul 13 2001
I just got my new all black puppy with floppy ears. He loves cat nip. Some times i hold out ct nip and he comes dashing at it then I lift it up and he keeps running until he runs into a wall then dashs back at me and chasesme until I give him the cat nip to him.

Jul 11 2001
my dogs name is thumper we named her thumper because when she was a pup we would wacht bami and she would wacht it with us and thump her tail like thumper.

Jul 6 2001
My dog Pepper loves 2 watch TV and loves 2 bite!ˇhe is a border collie and aulstralion shepard mixed!

Jul 3 2001
My dog Samson is a rottweiler. When ever I try to hang out the washing he always crawls in between my legs. When you sweep the patio outside he always tries to bite the broom.Its realy anoying But i love my dog

Jun 24 2001
My dog Sweetie Pie once was chasing a squirrel so fast that she broke har collar off, good thing it got away and also, when I was A baby she whoud jump in the tub or shower with me. p.s. She's only 3 !!!!!

Jun 23 2001
My dog is a black lab pit bull mix. he got ran over but he survived. And the nextday I went to give him a walk and we reach the road and he stopped and looked both ways before he crossed the rode. It was so funny.

Jun 19 2001
Jarrod & Sox(The Doggy)
My Dog Sox after going for a walk runs up and down the house many times and never stops until he tires out.. by the way hes a Maltese.. a short furred maltese =)

Jun 15 2001
Ronit and Fallini
my dog is called fallini (named after the great italian movie producer), anyway everytime she does something bad like stealing food out of the bin and we catch her she feels so guilty so she closes her eyes so small and smile at us she looks like a chinese dog..and we burst out laughing and do nothing cause shes so cute and she knows it..i can write a book on my fallini and the things she does...amazing!!!we love her sooo much!!

May 29 2001
Alaina & Buddy(my dog)
We adopted Buddy from an old lady named Minnie Minslow.Anyway we taught him a bunch of tricks.Well im a cheerleader and we're always gone.My dog gets so upset when we leave that he takes his 2 small paws and peeks out the window crying.It sounds like hes saying NO!NO!. When we come home he smiles at us. No body believes us though! By the way Buddy's a yorkie and might get a little sister that we might name Princess. She'll be a teacup yorkie.Buddy's a full sized yorkie.Yorkie is short for Yorkshire Terrier!Theyre very small creatures.

May 25 2001
Danielle & Sable(pomeranian)
Whenever I put up the tent in the backyard I bring my dog with me, well, oneday my sister was running around the outside of the tent and my dog was inside and she couldn't see the screen door so everytime my sister would run by the screen my dog would run into it and bounce back. It's so cute and funny!!!

May 24 2001
One time when i wanted to take my dog a shower. My dog doesn't like to take a shower.And everytime hes trap he lets me wet him a little bit. Then he runs away but then he comes back. By the way my dog is a Chihuahua

May 19 2001
My dog is such a scaredy-cat that she runs away from turtles in fright! At times like this she looks like a porcupine because of her stiking-up hair.

May 4 2001
Erica & Teddy(my dog)
One cute thing my dog Teddy has done is walk around looking for her teddy bear when we have hidden it and it looks soo cute!

May 3 2001
Scrappy and Blacky
I have a 10 year old dog named Scrappy. He is a beagle/cocker spaniel and very friendly. Since hes getting old, we decided to get a new puppy. Our new puppy is a Springer spaniel/German Shepard. He is now about 3 months and a pest! Scrappy will sometimes just be relaxing, when Blacky comes up and barks then run away. Hes also always nibbling on Scrappys tail! What a pest! But I still love them both!

Apr 24 2001
We have a 3-year old golden retriever named Billy who would be a very bad criminal. Whenever he has done something he isn't supposed to (like bringing dirty things from the garden into the house) he is able to cover all his tracks. But his eyes almost roll out of his head out of guilt, so we have to take only one look at him to know we have to look for something onorthodox in the room...

Apr 23 2001
My pup named Daisy is a 5 month old Rottweiler. She is very dedicated to her family. She likes to be with us and not be alone in her kennel when we leave. She can sense when it is time for her to go into her kennel, she hides under the bed. After you pull her out she just lies limp becuase she knows she is heavy and hard to lift. It's funny because she doesn't resist us, she just lies limp and you have to coax her to get up and come with you.

Apr 20 2001
HI... i have a dog and her name is sharlet she is a mut and we got her from the A.S.P.C.A. the A.S.P.C.A is an orginization that takes animals in that were strays and gives them away, but Sharlet has a habit of following my father around and if you walks out of the door you see sharlet charging out after him! What an obsestion huh!

Apr 19 2001
my dog marley likes to dance. She picked it up from my other dog copper. When we tell her to dance, she'll stand up on her hind legs and turn around in circles. She really deserves a treat after that!

Apr 19 2001
My Beagle Marley and my cavalier copper, are scared of the dark!!! They refuse to go downstairs at night. And sleep under the covers, at my feet. And if they get scared, they immedietly jump to my head and sit on it. They will stay there until i turn on the light. Talk about getting no sleep!!

Apr 16 2001
Amy & Tiny ( my dog)
My name is Amy and I am 11 years old. My dog tiny is a 6 month old jack russel/corgi/basset hound mix. He ways 26 pounds!!! Now thats what I call fat! Well anyway when I give him a bath and try to rinse him he lays down and every time I stand him up he lays back down. Sometimes I have to get my sister to help me! My old dog Molly died and then God brought tiny into my life. Boy am I glad! God loves you!

Apr 14 2001
My dog Jax(Cairin terrier) is very energetic.He always wants to play! One time he was outside in our backyard and I went inside, and closed the door, and Jax ran into the door and bonked his head! He kept trying to get in, but he couldn`t. And he would not stop until he got in and I finnaly opened the door and he ran so hard and so fast that he ran into our wall.

Apr 13 2001
April 14 2001 Just last night my two dogs Brandi and Angel [Cocker Spaniels] were at the dinner table sitting at our feet. Two seconds later we heard a wosh and some raket behind the counter where we kept our cat food then another wosh then we saw two tails in the doorway wagging hapily. I got up and went behind the counter and saw every single bit of the cat food GONE! I glanced over at my dogs and saw their cute little faces peer up at me in a sad way. You could have never guessed it was them,they did it so fast!

Apr 10 2001
My dog Toby is a German Shorthair/Beagle mix. He loves to fetch tennis balls! We whack them with a tennis ball down the street and he will fetch them until he is so exhausted that he collapses. We have to be carefully not to overexert him, but he's such a spaz! When I'm sad he puts his fuzzy little chin on my knee and looks up with those big brown eyes. Who could resist?!?

Apr 7 2001
I have a little shorthaired Jackrussel named CrackerJack. He is so nosy.If a door is partially closed he will open it with his hard nose and peek around the corner at you.When you turn around all you see is a shiny little eye and a perky little ear.

Apr 6 2001
My late dog buttons, who waz a cocker spaniel, was one time under our kitchen table when we came home from church and when she saw us she said hello of course it didn't sound perfect like a human waz saying ti but it waz definatly a hello.She also would dance and sing. when we were playing music with her i miss her alot.

Mar 29 2001
JEFFERY is a collie mix that i rescued in nov.99.jeff,being a young collie does several things that make me is when he go,s to the closset to get his chew out of the pocket of my jacket.

Mar 21 2001
My dog Snowie is a Bichon Frise. Whenever she's sitting on our couch in the living room, she looks out the window. You can see her face if your outside and she looks really cute! Also, she will be a maniac and run around the table top speed growling! She looks really funny! Sometimes she will attack your feet!

Mar 19 2001
my dog henry is a cocker spainel and every day when i go out to feed him he spins around (like he's chaseing his tail) about 50 times!!! Anyway one day i went out to feed him and he spun around then wacked his head on the chair. from that day on he watches where he spins!!!

Mar 6 2001
My dog Bruno is a Dalmatian, and he sings everytime the ice-cream man came by

Feb 28 2001
My dog, Andy, likes to bark when I'm on the phone so I'll give him a treat.

Feb 23 2001
My dog Fluffy is a pommeranian. She loves to sleep, eat and play soccer she is one of the best dogs that I have seen play soccer.

Feb 23 2001
My dog Bruno is a chocolate lab. He knows how to play soccer, hockey he is really good at hockey he can get the ball away from someone, he is also good at basketball. We all think he might just love balls.

Feb 16 2001
oren from israel
my dog likes always to stay in the house he always sleeps and when you throw him somthing he just shake his tail

Feb 15 2001
I have a Schipperke and a German Shorthair. We picked out our little girl, GSP, from a litter of tiny, cute puppies that were all walking around in each other's messes. I bathed her when we got her home for a fresh start. As I was drying her in my arms, she instantly fell asleep snuggled in a warm towel and slept in my arms for an hour. We bonded instantly! My Schipperke howls with us and it sounds like he's saying Airoo Airoo. Are there other Schips out there that say this?

Feb 13 2001
My dog, Scout, LOVES rocks. You should see him. He'll eat them. If you throw him one he'll chase it then eat it. I can't imagine what his digestive system is like?!?!

Feb 13 2001
Amy and Scout
I have a Lab., he is about 9 months old. When the sprinkler system he runs and bites at it. It is SO cute. Also, every time you say, Cheetos he comes running thinking you have food.

Feb 9 2001
Tori and Michelle
Our dog buddy, who is a lab/husky mix has the weirdest favourite foods, he loves to eat wasps, grass, cat treats, snow, bubbles, and used kleenexes (ewwwwwwww!)

Jan 30 2001
My 5 year old Black Lab Daisy is a certified therapy dog and we go to a nursing home and a senior daycare to cheer up people. She has her favorite people she likes to visit especially those whogive her 'people' food.

Jan 17 2001
My do Callie was playing ball one day and a cat came up and she started to play ball with the cat by patting the ball back and forth to each other. then later when they were done they cuddled with each other they slept like that for about two hours.

Jan 4 2001
My family owned a part German Shepard dog named Timber. One time when my brother, sister, and I were taking him for a walk down our street, there was a school bus going by. Timber got scared, and hid between my sister's legs. It was really funny, because we weren't expecting that! My sister nearly fell over! Timber lived to the age of nine. I still love him, after four years, and even though I don't have another dog yet, I know that when I do, no dog could replace him. I love him.

Dec 28 2000
Our family dog, Mack, A fawn colored pug. Played tug-of-war, with the family cat, Milo, just a big yellow cat, for a piece of ham, it was funny bucause, Mack was on a kitchen rug and it was slidding across the floor when Milo pulled.Mack jumped off the rug and got the ham.

Dec 5 2000
you will never guess wht my dog did for me for my birthday she unwraped all my presents for my but she is soooooo cute is couldn't get angry with her by the way she is a poddle cross aussie terrier

Nov 13 2000
My husband found a black lab puppy and brought her home, I fell in love with her. One day, we were thinking of a name for her when she started playing and jumping on the floor trying to catch her shadow. Guess what we named her?

Nov 12 2000
Jennifer and Lucky
My dog Lucky is a poodle/japenise chin. One day i went to the kitchen one day and my dog had jumped on the couch and had covered himself up !! The little rescal was also asleep.. I was shocked but i went back in the kitchen chuckling. What a dog !!

Nov 12 2000
We have a terrier mix that we got from the humane society 7 years ago-her name is Molly. She loves to be loved! She has some old tennis balls that we stuff in old socks for her toys. When I'm busy she'll run and get them and lay her head on them, looking sad. She wants attention! So of course I quit what I'm doing and play with her!

Nov 7 2000
My poodle, Jewel, found what she thought looked chewable on the bedroom floor in a room where a guest was staying at my house. She brought it back to bed w/her for safe-keeping. At about 5:00 am I awoke to hear the crunch of my guests hearing aid. My guest never heard her come into the room and take it. Love those crunchies!

Nov 1 2000
Stanley & Rayburn
Stanley is a 5 month old golden Ret. pup and he has a small wooden box for his bed. Rayburn is a 2 yearold Golden Ret. and has a large box. Most nights the actually swap boxes so Stanley is in the corner of the big box and Rayburn is squashing the smaller one

Oct 4 2000
my dog runs around till he gets tired and then he dashes in side and runs around till we give him pet him or feed him.

Sep 4 2000
My dog Natala LOVES tennis balls. Once she's got one in her mouth there's no way she's dropping it (unless you've got treats) Anytime I bring her to a friend's house who owns a dog she immeadatly takes over their tennis balls and won't give them up till she leaves. Natala is a five year old black lab.

Aug 31 2000
It seems that he saw something flying in the house, with attention, but we saw nothing. Once on the outdoor, he saw something, seems quite near, than turn back & run, stopped, looked back, & run ... but we still saw nothing. Sounds like 6th sence; that is our Hunter, a 5 mth old goldern retriver.

Jul 17 2000
J in Topeka
My Chihuahua China, is crazy like a gazelle. She jumps into the bathtub and eats the hair out of the drain.

Jun 21 2000
I have a dog who once saved my life and even though my mom knows that she might not be able to feed her self somtimes if she keeps him she will never let him go and nither will I. My beloved dogs name is Fritz!!! He is a German Shepard.

Jun 17 2000
My puppy is a golden retriever. His name is Elijah. Once I taught him to fetch but he couldn't. He fetched anything around him. I really like Elijah. When I first got him he cried the first few nights.

Jun 6 2000
My dog's name is Zorro and he was from the local pound. He likes to catch popcorn and small pieces of cheese.

May 28 2000
Our dog Ginger has a lot of energy. She is a 2 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, and when she gets hyper she is so funny! She runs back and forth around the family room growling. She is a mini speedy gonzalez! If she push her while she's running she'll stop, jump on you, and lick your face once she knocked you over! It is so cute and funny!

Apr 25 2000
I had always wanted another Schnauzer to replace the one I dearly loved but lost a number of years ago. But when I looked I found one that stole my heart this time, a Shi Tzu. We named him TooleyD after my greatgrandfather Tooley Dunavan! When we tell him no he takes off running and tearing thru the house-bouncing off chairs and couch and round and round...stopping to see if we're laughing yet! Then starting in again! He loves to stare at us, and if we say no-no he just flips his hindquarters at us repeatedly - trying to get us to play I guess and not be mad! Its all we can do to keep from laughing! Our little wild indian has brighened our lives and made life well worth living! Needless to say, I'm happy I changed breeds and learned how adorable these little guys can be!

Apr 6 2000
i had a siberian husky who always thought that when she hid under the sofa head first i could not see her since she could not see me. she tried to get away with things that way but could never figure out how she always got caught.

Nov 24 1999
My grandparents had an Irish Setter named Patrick. He figured out how to open doorknobs with his mouth, so he could let himself out of the house, or let himself in. He could also turn on the faucet and drink from the sink. Unfortunately, he never got the concept of closing doors or turning off the faucet. Sometimes my grandparents would get up in the morning to find the side door open, where Patrick had let himself out, the front door open, where he had come back in, and the water running in the sink.