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Previous Tails

Feb 13 2013
My dog Molly was an adorable Beagle mix. I got her as a friend to get me through the dark winter days in Seattle, keep me active and get much needed support when the seasonal affective disorder got bad. Even though I got her fairly young, she spent a good amount of time with pigs when she was a puppy, which could be why she made such strange and adorable sounds for the rest of her life.

Jul 16 2011
Paisley the previous dog of the week has some funny "tails" of her own. So many people think that dogs and cats are always enemies. If Paisley could talk, and you were to ask the question she'd ask you this. "What about Kitty? Kitty is one of Paisley's close friends, and hence the name, she is a cat. Paisley and Kitty romp around together so much. And they have a bit in common. A thing for cat food and a dislike for kitty litter. So dogs and cats are not enemies, they are just good friends - To Paisley the best friend I've ever had

May 9 2011
I have trained and lead my dog Kat through an agility course. She was a rescue dog and the most crazy thing is.....she has three legs! When a car ran over it they could not fix it :[ anyway she got second place in the competition!I was sooo were the judges so they gave Kat a free spa. I love u Kat youll always be in my life although u mite not live much longer but ill love u forever im 11 ur my first dog and ur the best. xoxoxo Sky

Jul 7 2010
I have two dogs but the one i'm going to talk about is named Chewy, short for Chewbacca(his name comes from Star Wars). One day, my family and i came outside to check on him. We searched our backyard but we couldn't find him. We were very worried. I checked the gate that lead to the street and it was opened, but my grandfather was sure that he closed it. The only way he could have gotten out was by opening it himself. So i ran out to the front lawn looking down the block and i saw him running on my neighbor's yard! I was excited but scared that if the neighbors found out they would be upset. So i quickly ran to him but he jumped away! I ran to the gate and he slowly followed. everyone was suprised by my story and they were happy to see Chewy.

Feb 23 2010
2 1/2 yrs ago my cairn (coco) ran away after a bath, with no collar and we never found her. I decided that a dog was a bad idea for awhile. But last March 1st thru friends of a friend of a friend, a unknowingly wonderful pitbull needed a home. Since I don't believe in sheltering these dogs, I gave him a temperary home. Coming up to his 1st birthday(with us) I don't know where I would be, or doing with out "chunk" or as I call him (chunky munky butt) He is great with me and my kids, and I can't believe how much I love him.

Nov 7 2009
Hi! I have a rottweler named rocky who is a 4 year old male pure bred weighing 120 lbs. He is the best dog I have ever seen. Loyal, brave, obedient, loving, and just the best dog I have ever seen. I would clone him if possible. This breed gets a bad rap. I love him very much!

Jul 31 2009
I have a 11 yr old black chow that I got when he was 3 months old from the humane society. He is rather a silly dog. When he wants to sit on you he happens to place his butt on your chest and then his fluffy tail ends up in your face, and he refuses to move. He also plays tag with me with my hands. I put my hand down and he slaps it. This continues for at least 20 minutes. When he wants to go out in the car, all you have to do is pick up the keys and he runs in circles and whines until you take him. If you don't he barks at the door until you come back -- then he ignores you.

May 6 2009
Frisco. Frisco was my beautiful blk/gray & white Siberian Husky dog. He had the most beautiful blue eyes ever. He knew how to "Wink" and he passed away 2007, on Dec 16th. I still miss Frisco so much. He was so smart and never went to obedience school cause he was one smart cookie. Frisco always slept with me and to this day I feel him jumping on my bed and I am awake and I know is my beloved Frisco coming to me from Rainbow Heaven saying hello to me.

Mar 25 2009
I have two snowdogs. One is 8 yrs old and is a siberian red husky dog. He talks alot and is a very selfish pup. Whenever I buy toys or a rawhide bone he always looks to see which one is the bigger one so that he (Lucky) can take it. The other one is a young 13 month alsakan malamute name Romo. He knows how to "wink" and he is a funny dog too. He always gives me his paw to pet him. I love my dogs alot!

Jan 30 2009
I had this wonderfull dog named buddy, he was not onley a good friend, but he was a hero, he saved my life more than day I was takin a walk when buddy my german shepherd, grabed my coat and pulled me to the ground he ran around me and took a deadly bite from a rattler. that was the last time he ever saved my life. he did it two times before that one with a coon and one with a cat,but the snake took his life but not my proudness. I will allways love him. Always 14 year old Hall

Oct 4 2008
my dog's name is snoopy. he is a jack russel. my dog always is barking every where he doesn't really like some dogs and he can be a pain in the but some times.mostly he sits around and does nothing. the only thing he is really good at is begging.

Jul 24 2008
I have shared a lot of stories about Annie (husky) and Andromeda (malamute) with all of you, and I have enjoyed reading about other's beautiful pets and seeing their pictures. :) I have some sad news. Andromeda passed away on July 22nd, 2008 after a long battle with oral/lung cancer. She is not in pain anymore, and now rests in the arms of her creator. I will honor her for the rest of my life. She was the truest and kindest friend that I've ever had, and she will be sorely missed. Little Annie is grieving, too. Andromeda was her best friend as well. Thank you all for sharing your dog stories and photos. They are all beautiful! We are all fortunate to be chosen by the Creator to be pet parents. :) Andromeda Marie Katherine April 18, 2003 (adoption date)- July 22nd, 2008 May her gentle, blessed, and beloved soul rest in peace.

Jul 6 2008
I got my dog(Holly) for christmas almost 3 years ago.(Golden female) Last Christmas my my's dad found out he had cancer and couldn't keep his male golden, so i took it. My female went into heat and got pregnent a few months later. So now we have a huge liter of 9 puppies!! She had 11 the 5th puppie died at birth and the runt died.(the runts nickname was Wilbur because he was strong at birth)The are now 2 1/2 weeks old! THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Mar 19 2008
I have a silky/Chihuahua wich if you dont no what a silky looks like it is a yorkie and is the same size as one he is also.It is a he and he is so cute he loves to lick and loves to cuddle!

Mar 14 2008
I have a miniture pincher,Angel,she loves to go to the bank. She loves peppermint candy. The bank teller gave her a dog biscuit one time and Angel fussed at her and then turned around to the other cars and fussed as if telling on the teller. She got her peppermint from then on.

Dec 13 2007
My dog Pearl is a lab and my family and i like to go on trips. One trip we went on we had pulled to the side of the rode and there was alot of tall grass so we let Pearl off her leash and we had thron a rock while she was shiffing. When the rock hit the grass we saw Pearl look up and start hopping like a rabbit to where the rock was it was VERY FUNNY

Nov 3 2007
my family and me live on a ranch with donkies.we have just recently picked up a stray yellow lab who we keep in a fence.and one day,our youngest donkey came wright up to the dog fence,and of corce the dogs came up to acnoledge that it was their fence,and the yellow lab stuck her nose right up to the fence and the donkey stuck his nose in the fence holes and bit the labs the saying should be,curiosity hurt the dog.

Oct 2 2007
A Goldendoodle named Tucker
Tucker is from Goldendoodle World. He was recently entered in a newspaper fetching contest at a local Paws in the Park day. Although Tucker didn't win, he sure had fun showing off for the local crowd! Tucker is the best doodle ever and kids absolutely love him.

Sep 25 2007
My dog Snap is a Jack Russel and he loves to chase squirrels and goes up a tree to try to get them but he never does!

Aug 21 2007
my dog scooter is learning agility and he just got good at going thru the tunnel! he didn't want to go thru it at all at first andjust barked at it! scooter is a yorkie poodle mix and is 3 years old now

Jul 11 2007
My grandmother and my aunt just bought these two super-cute border collie/collies and you should see them! We don't have pics at the time (sorry!) :-)

Jun 24 2007
I have the cutest little dog named Ceccina. She is so cute. I got her when I was in grade 1 and now i am in the sixth grade going on to my seventh. My dog Ceccina in seven years old and absolutly adores Me, Sarah (my older sister), my Mom, and Dad. My dog is a shi- tzu and was the runt of her litter. Ceccina loves me and she would probably love all of you!

Jun 20 2007
My brother has a beautiful red and white, blue-eyed husky called Shayera Hol. She is adorable, and Annie and Andromeda (husky and malamute) agree. You can't ignore her, or she'll climb up on your lap! She also loves her tug-of-war rope toy. She will toss it up on your knees and frisk about until you give her the attention she deserves. She sings (moans) frequently, and woo-woos in her native tongue. Sometimes the words sound almost human. I would swear that one time she mumbled, I LIKE cheese. She is a special cutie--I love my crazy, wiggling, little fur-baby niece! PS--I enjoy seeing the pics of everyone's dogs. They are all sweet and gorgeous. :)

May 9 2007
I have a eleven week old puppy. Her father is an american bulldog 140lbs and her mother was a pitbull 75lbs. She is a great companion. She learns very quickly and is growing so fast. I wonder how big she'll get.

Apr 30 2007
BAY BAY my dog BAY BAY is 7-8 years old she loves to watch rusty my cat chase bird she thinks its the coolest thing .she is also very smart. I tell her to sit and after we say sit we say stand. we don't have to say that any more she knows whats going on. she is awsome I mean what the heck go DIZZY 4 DOGS!!!!!!

Mar 30 2007
we have a dog, a rottwiler and i love him so much and he is very hyper but I so love him

Mar 13 2007
izzy (i got the name from here) loves to play with pilot our pitbull. izzy is a ratterrier mix and isn't all that big but she thinks she is the biggest dog in the world. (never wins the fights)

Mar 6 2007
I got my dog when she was 5months. Now she is 1year old. She's veary hyper inside. she's cute too. She was small when we got her now she is big. She is a Visla. A Visa is a huntting dog. Like for instance my dad shoots a bird and she catches it. My dog's name is Jade. She is a choclate brown sort of color.

Mar 5 2007
I have a dog named rocket. He is very small. What he can do is jump over the back of our COUCH. It is really funny.

Feb 26 2007
I got my dog Snowey from my Aunt Marie. He is a Bologonese. I taught him one trick and that's all I could teach him -- it was come on. I would sit on myknees and lean on my heels and say come on, and he'll come over and lick my face. It is so adorable.

Feb 13 2007
foxy my dog
i love dogs. i have a queensland heeler. she's had training since she was little. she knows how to fetch, and stuff like that. i love her!!

Jan 25 2007
I have a rat terrier and I taught him some relly cool tricks: Dance w/ my boyfriend, Play dead, Bite my dad's heels and speak when my dad yells . Pretty cool uh? Rat OUT lol

Jan 25 2007
I don't have a dog but I sure want one! My Mom said I can't and my dad said I could. Well anyways my sister has a dog( HI) and she named her from this site. Shelly- anne- fernando- Well she made up the last one. We just call the dog Elanno, a mix of them all. It is a girl and she just had 3 puppies Jeela, Marco, and Shaneranne. Her husbands name is George. My sister likes making names up and is done talking now. [Now that your dog has had puppies -- it's time to get her fixed!]

Jan 16 2007
Hey I have 2 dogs and they are wonderful it is cute when they play tug of war with their favorite toy. I have yorkiecoca pooh and a rotwhiler. they are so cute together. my yorkiecoca pooh is only 3 months. And my rotwhiler is 11.

Dec 27 2006
Hi! My name is Josie nad I have a dog named Chunky. He is a mix of poodle and something else. He has been through alot of stuff. One time he even got hit by a car. But only on his leg. It was only bruised. THANNK GOSH!!!! he is like a best friend to me.

Dec 20 2006
Popo the Wondermutt!
Hello, everyone at Crazy for Dogs! I am the star of a new sitcom in Puyallup WA, Popo the Wondermutt! I am my cousin Archie's doghouse and is using the computer there. I'll let you in on a little secret on Fedral Way's houses, cousin Archie's is so radical! Archie is a beagle and I am a chihuahua/daschund, but we are still related! --Popo out.

Dec 13 2006
i have three dobermans there so sweet and have done me well, and i dont have to hold them on a lead coz they hold it in their mouth and walk by my side. and when im rideing on my horses they come and walk along side. they stopped 4 boys coming up to me after walking my mate home at night. they said have u got a phone -- i was behind a car and i said yes. then as they went to get my phone off me the dogs tryed biting them and they ran away. i just want to say they're the best dogs and I LOVE u 3 soo much xxx

Nov 26 2006
hey guys i'm 12 and i'm and guitarist and i write my own music and so i've always had i nice guitar and stuff like that but more than ever i've wanted a dog and so now for christmas i'm gettin one. and i can't wait it's goin to be a surprise on the breed and i'm so happy. and if ne of u want to talk e-mail me at or (im) me on aim at LCsnowboarder14, or add Leah Cate on myspace!!!!! ttyl Guys!!!

Nov 25 2006
I work for a major pet store chain, and recently, I was allowed to bring my dogs to work with me (due to the fact that I was filling in for another girl, and the hours were very long). Annie Boleyn (husky) and Andromeda (malamute) really enjoyed their time there, and happily socialized with all of the pet parents and their dogs and cats. Everyone loved them, and several people wanted to know if they were adoptable. I told them that they were previously loved, but they could always use a few more hugs and kisses. It's amazing how a few minutes with a dog can brighten a person's day! :)

Nov 2 2006
hi!!!. i love ur site. my dog is a dachund and i also have 2 greyhounds. they're terrific dogs. the dachunds name is Charlie nd my greyhound are Roxy and Maggie

Oct 16 2006
my rat terrier's name is d.j. he's over- active plus he's my little cry baby, but we love him so much

[Now it's time to get Jazzer fixed.]

Sep 27 2006
I have a dog named jazzer and she is 1 years old. She just this year had her first batch of puppies I named them Boo-bear, baylee, chloe,and zeus. I got these names from your site. Jazzer is a Greyhound/German Shepard. She is very thin and she is always full of energy. She eats alot tho, and her puppies look just like thier dad, who is a pure bred sheep dog. The puppies are fluffy white and chubby, they look nothin' like thier mom. And they don't jump like her.

Sep 22 2006
HI i'm Zachary. I have a dog named Ms.Liberty. She barks alot.I would like to know why.

Sep 7 2006
My 2 dogs, Zeke, and Monk, are so cute, they're practicly my life, other than school, and my people-family, my dogs are DEFINATELY considered to be my family!!! i love them forever no matter what. this one dog,Sophie, stayed with me for 4 days, and i still paid just a much attention to each of them i love you both zeke and monk!!!

Sep 6 2006
Ashleah Connor
Hi! I have a dog named Daisy. She is a Chihuahua. She was abused by her last owner.

Sep 3 2006
I have two dogs Eddie and Scraps. Eddie is a lab corgi mix and Scraps is a terrier mix. I love my dogs very much but on July 6 Eddie ran away. We are still looking for him and hopfully we are going to find him.

Sep 1 2006
I have a dog called goldie she is a cavalier king charles she is soooo cute!!!! she is gold and white.she gives you high fives when you put your hand out, she sits down too.

Aug 2 2006
hi i have three dogs they are for rounding up the sheep. my favorite is Ruby she likes to play cricket, chases and barking at the bike tyres. she shakes hand, gives you high 5's, kisses and roll's over without being asked. she is cute and an Australian and New zealand sheep dog champion.

Aug 1 2006
hey i'm la and i have a dog named SNAP!!! he is soooooo CUTE. he is a daushaund terrier mix. he just turned 4.

Jul 30 2006
I am a cartoonist of Nala the Wonderdog. She is a little Bichon Friese with 2 friends. If you have any ideas of the other two dogs' names and breeds, please tell me them in guestbook. Thanks!!!

Jul 26 2006
My dogs name is bingo he is a bison frise

Jul 18 2006
I have a beautiful beagle and he is 10 months old. He knows stay , Go to your bed, Dance with my boyfriend, speak and bring me your leash. I taught him those tricks.

Jul 18 2006
My Dog's name is Pal and he is a Pure Bred Golden Retriever. One day when we were skidooing he was a puppy and he tried to follow us. He got soooo tired that when I turned around to see where he was he was gone. I turned the skidoo around and found him layed out in the ditch. He ran too fast and too hard for his age. I went over to him and he did'nt even have the streghth to get up. I stayed there for a while with him, then I put him on the skidoo in front of me and caught up with the others.

Jul 10 2006
Casey is growing up very fast. He is a toy breed, a small breed. AKC lovers!!! The Shetland Sheepdog won Best in Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Go to this website, http://www.nintendog

Jul 5 2006
My Mother's dog, J.D., is an active part of my Mother's church ministry. He rides along with her to all the local nursing homes, and cheers up all of the residents by jumping through a hoop, and doing other various tricks. One of the favorite tricks is when someone points their finger at J.D. and says, Bang!, and he collapses on the floor! J.D. is a blue heeler/black lab mix, and picks up new tricks quickly. He is such a smart dog, and one of the sweetest ones that I've ever encountered. My dogs, Annie (husky) and AMK (malamute) love him to pieces.

Jun 22 2006
Leah- My friend has a lot in common with you. She owns a cow, wants a min pin (I call those Minature Pinchers.) (P.S.: They are Mini Pinchers, they are not related to any Dobermans or Doberman Pinchers.)

Jun 21 2006
I have a boston terrior/pomeranian mix female named Dabney. She is veeeery hyper, and she can play soccer (with my soccer ball). I love her so much!!!

Jun 21 2006
i have a dog named kailie and she just hops around all day long!!!!!!!

Jun 20 2006
I had a cute and spoiled dachshund and his name was shorty. I loved him and still do. Know he is in a better place. I had a great conection with him. I used to talk to him, not to sound crazy, the most personal things. And he listened. When he wanted something he would always come to me and i knew what it was.He is the best.

Jun 14 2006
I have a Blue Heeler named Jessie...she's a farm dog and has too much energy! She's such a loyal dog...

Jun 14 2006
I have 2 dogs named Lady and Lucky. Lady is named because she acts like a lady! And we named Lucky "Lucky" because we found him on the streets. There's one funny thing about Lady, she doesn't always act like one! There was this one time when i was sitting on my bed reading when Lady came up and started licking my arm. i put down my book and she hopped on the bed beside me. I started petting her and then Lucky came in! Suddenly, Lady started growling at Lucky and chased him out of my bedroom! Lady doesn't always act like a lady! oh by the way i forgot to tell you that Lady is a labrodor retriever and her color is golden brown. lucky is a black lab he is very energetic. I love both of my dogs so!

May 20 2006
I have now written 2 tails for this website now. I composed my first one on 15th April 2004. I am thinking of getting another dog for my dog, Monty, play with so he has a new friend. So far I am thinking of getting a shitzu but, i will keep in touch once i get my cute doggy friend for Monty. (for tails on monty see 15th April 2004).

May 16 2006
i would like to say that i have 4 dogs and they are so cute you should see them. 1 is my dog which is a golden retreiver. you should join the fight in saving dogs!!! see yah

May 12 2006
My dogs name is Krissy. She is the cutiest dog ever. She always sits on the stool and begs for food. We have a sighn on the door that says Spoiled Sheltie Lives Here. And it is very true. She is five years old. And we hope she lives a very long time. My parents got her when she was first born. She thinks she is human. She barks at other dogs wich is very funny. I realy love my dog so much.G2G=got to go.

Apr 29 2006
hi! My name is Stacey and i would like to tell you of my old dog. She was around my whole life. She was a black lab and was 11 years old. She's 3 years older then me. She was really patient and sweet. Once, my cousin hit her on the side of her head with a sandwich bun and she didn't even try to eat it! She just looked at my mom and it seemed like she was saying How long do i have to put up with this??? You might ask me why i say WAS. i say that because, 5 years ago, we had to put her down because she had a tumor growing in her. She couldn't eat or anything! It was so sad. We had to put her down because that was the only humaine thing to do. It was esspecially hard for us because it was on my dad birthday!! I still miss her!:'( Anyway, if you have a dog, i hope that he/she's just like Torri!!

Apr 29 2006
Hi there! I have 2 beutiful black labs at my house! The oldest one is called Splash, she is 4 and a half years old. We called her Splash because thats the sound that our old dog made went she jumped into the water! But Splash only makes her name when she falls in :) our 2nd dog is Surf. She is 2 on May 18th. She was named because we wanted a name to do with water! She just flys into the water! When she's 2, we are going to get her checked to see if she can have PUPPIES!! i can't wait!!:):):)

Apr 16 2006
You guys are so lucky to have dogs, i don't but i'm going to get one soon. Thank God. I have two beautiful cows and two kittens. so visit you might like it. Wish me luck for getting the right dog. Oh I want a minature Dobermine Pincher. BYE NOW!

Apr 14 2006
Cassi did the cutest thing yesterday! What she did was she rolled over onto her back, and started moving her leg like I was petting her in one of her favorite spots. Another thing that she did yesterday was a trick I taught her. When I hold her ear down for a while, she waved at me.

Apr 9 2006
I just taught my dog her name. Her name is Cassi. When she was at the home, she did not have a name. I also taught her sit by petting her head long enough. We were going to name her Skull because of the way her face markings were. We're thinking of getting a Boxer dog when we move. The rule is only one dog a house. [What will happen to this one?]

Apr 8 2006
I just got a Shih Tzu from an animal shelter. She must have been amaciated or someone must have too many dogs and she was taken away. She probably was the first thing because her fur was short, not long because I like it. Dogs Rule!

Apr 7 2006
I am making a book about a puppy going to camp with his friends. Mac, the puppy, gave his scoutmaster a slip. After Mac did that,he went to the camp infirmary. He had his insect medication so he wouldn't get fleas and be bitten by fleas. (P.S.: I have no real dogs, but I have nintendogs.)

Apr 7 2006
One day, when I went to my grandparent's house when I was younger, Tucker a border collie came to the gate to greet me. After he settled down I saw Popo, a Chihuahua/Dachund. My uncle said that he taught her some new tricks. I told Popo to do a handstand and she did it!

Mar 26 2006
We have accepted a permanent doggy sitting situation. Duffy is an adorable 4 month old cocker shiztu mix. We think. His origins are dubious, but he surely needs a family to care for him. Talk about a lucky dog! Welcome Duffy. He surely has a lot of dog love to give and so do we. It's a wonder what a good bath and a bowl of doggy chow can do.

Mar 26 2006
I love my dog to death. He is a Dachshund his name is Scooder. My other dog is a shweener. she's not born yet. Im either going to name her Bell, Bella, Tinkerbel- or Lola. She is half Shih Tsu and Dachshund. Scooder is the father and Sadie is the mother. Sadie is my moms dog she is going to have two or three Puppies and one of those puppies are Bell, Bella, Tinkerbel- or Lola. I AM CRAZY ABOUT DOGS!!!

Mar 26 2006
We Have a new dog -- it's a German Shepard purebred and is almost one years old. we just got her yesterday morning she is sooooo loveable!! but she does miss her sister lots. our neighbor adopted her because we went together to get them. I LOOOOVEEEEEEE DOGGYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!

Mar 22 2006
I have a dog named Willie. He is sooo sweet and funny and very very very very cute. He is about 5 months old. He is hyper because he is a taco bell dog. He is a slick haired dog.

Mar 20 2006
my dog, Shadow, is a miniture schnauzer. she loves my rabbit, Gracie. she will chase her around the yard. when they stop, they attack each other.

Mar 13 2006
Katelyn S
My sister Elizabeth has a dog and his name is Petey. he is an American Bulldog mixed with Pitbull. I love him to death, he barely ever barks or jumps. He looks mean because he has red around his eyes but he is anything but mean. When I get a picture I will post it on the website. Well bye for now.

Mar 10 2006
Hallie W.
Hello, my name is Hallie. I have 3 beagles, 1 pug,and I used to have a black and chocolate lab. Well, first off, my black lab, Peppers, is a pain. She opened our gate and let my choc. lab out. Cocoa(the choc. lab) got hit by a car. now I only have the pug and the beagles. We gave the black lab away. I hope you have better luck with your animals.

Feb 20 2006
This is just going to be a short description of my awesome dog Tiger!!! He is a German Spitz boy with tons of energy. Me and my friends loved him very much, and we even decided to nickname him energy. We lived happily like that until his death on Nov.30, 2005. This caused me immediate tears and fustration. I wouldn't like to say anymore or I might have a mental breakdown so I will leave it at this.Oh,, and by the way I,m called tiger35 because Tiger...left at the age of 35.

Jan 31 2006
I recently drove my coworker home, and on the way, we picked up my two snow dogs, Annie and Andromeda. My friend has always been terrified of dogs, and when she saw Andromeda, she panicked a little! Andromeda took care of that--she put her head upon her knee and gazed up lovingly into her eyes, until my friend petted her, then licked her hand. Now, my friend is looking for a Malamute of her own to love!

Jan 30 2006
hi my dog is form alaska and his name is alaska. is that cute or what

Jan 26 2006
hi i have two dogs named...sophie and sam - they are the best! sophie can do this awesome trick we call.......pretty up. she stands on her hind legs for treats she is sooooooo cute! and sam he can do the most awesome jump!!!!

Jan 22 2006
Hi i love all three of my dogs, their names are Bailey, Princess, and Tasha. Bailey is the laziest dog you will ever meet in your life. All she does is sleep, all day , everyday. my other Princess is so big, but she thinks she is a lapdog. She always jumps on me when i am laying on the couch, and she just lays there, until she hears a sound or someones voice. My other dog Tasha is only a puppy but she is big.She is like this because she is a siberian husky. she is one of the craziest dogs on the face of this earth. she barks and barks and barks all day long. but she sounds really funny when she does that. That is the story of my dogs Bailey, Princess, and Tasha.

Jan 20 2006
My dog Annie is about 2 years old,she always sleeps on my other dog. she some times sleeps on me!

Jan 12 2006
hi im usagi and i have a German shepherd who is part wolf she is so pretty and i wuv her

Jan 12 2006
i am nine years old and my family has a dog named lexie. she will knock down anyone she sees and lick them to death. she is always full of happiness and last night i couldn't sleep because she kept slobbering all over me. she is a black and white border collie. and she is very hyper!

Jan 11 2006
I have six dogs and I live 100 miles outside of Seattle at the foot of the mountains. I have 3 sleddogs (1 of my own and then 2 on lease for the season). The other three dogs are 'house mascots'. They are a very fat rhodesian ridgeback who we picked up as a stray, a old australian shepherd/chow chow mix, and a pudgy rat terrier we found in the middle of the road terrified. We've adopted/rescued almost all of our dogs as strays and I think everyone should, I think strays will love you just a little bit more than any other dog because you saved their life and they know it.

Jan 9 2006
Hey there i'm Dulce and i've had 2 dogs but now i have 1 dog left. the dog that i kept is a terrier and it's only a few weeks old. His name is shodow. i named it shadow because it allways follows people that's why i named it Shadow.

Jan 8 2006
i have arat terrier she is so lovbale she will go under your covers and lick your feet.

Jan 6 2006
Nicole Bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello! I'm now 9 years old! I'm the kid that has Bristol and Fiona. Guess what? today, I made a report on labrador retrievers! There are also the american and english lab. I thought of some dog names! How about: Cinderella , Lila , Matthew , Molly , Doggie , Gromit , Andy , Snoopy , Krypto , Blackie , Lassie , Annika , Rayla , Adian , Breitta , Ace , Max , cheese , Bristol , Fiona , Brainy barker , Hotdog , Streaky , Charline , Winn-Dixie , Tail Terrier and Paw pooch!

Jan 6 2006
Hi, my name is Amariz i had 3 dogs, Pebbles, Junior, and Chloe. I now only have Chloe And Junior. I`ll show why i only have them. About 2 weeks before christmas my 2 dogs Junior and Pebles ran away. 4 days later I came home from schoo I looked at my mom and my older sister, they looked like they were crying. I asked what had happened. My mom Said That a Vet called and said they had found Pebbles. But she died. We found Junior that same day. Pebbles was buried in my backyard. She was my first dog and i miss her so much.I will Never Forget her.

Jan 5 2006
My family and I have two dogs. Lady who is 6 yrs. old (pekinese) and Chance who is a year old (black lab). For Christmas my daughters got an albanio pekinese puppy that they named Comet. They carried Comet everywhere. After having Comet for about a week, we sadly lost him. Comet and our lab were playing and the lab got a little to rough and hurt him pretty bad. We rushed him to the Vet. but there was nothing we could do. My daughters are very sad, and the other two dogs keep looking for him. If any one knows or hears of another albanio pekinese that needs a home please let me know. My daughters and I would appreciate it very much, and we would make sure that our lab does not play with it until it gets a little older. Again we are very sad and we wish we could have Comet back.

Dec 23 2005
Annie and Andromeda just received an early Christmas gift from my Mom--shag toilet seat covers. She noticed how both of them loved my Grandmother's sink rug (especially Andromeda, who would pick it up gingerly, and carry it into the sitting room), so we decided to buy both of them one of their own. Andromeda has eaten half of hers, but sleeps with her head on the remaining half; Annie takes hers in her mouth and growls as she rolls over and over. My Mom has a talent for picking out the best gifts--BTW, thanks for the flannel sheets, Mom! :^D Happy Holidays to animal lovers everywhere, and I'll drink a toast to the best dog site on the web this Christmas Eve!!!

Dec 22 2005
Hey all! I don't have a dog, but i have cats and cows. My dad is a vet, so i get to see dogs all the time. It rocks. We get weirdos to. One lady dresses her dogs up when she brings them in for a check-up. At thanksgiving, she dresses them up like pilgrims. at christmas, they look like christmas trees. And at easter, they look like eggs. all the other times they come in in tuxedos. its sorta sad in my opinion.

Dec 19 2005
Hi there! I've had 3 dogs so far and i love(d) them! My family's first one was called Torii. She was very friendly and gentle. Even when Mathew hit her on the side of the face (when he was little) she didn't even take a bite out of the bun!! Sadly, when she was 11, we had to put her down because she had a tumor in her intestines.:( I'm still sad:( But now, we have 2 dogs. Splash and Surf. They both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to swim. When Surf was a couple months old, she ate a dead chipmunk. My mom chased her around the yard and then my naibour tried to help, but she swallowed it!! Dispite her name, Splash will not jump in off our dock! she falls in, climbs in and she jumps in off the ladder, but first she gives a big fuss! All our dogs are black labradors, and we love them!

Dec 17 2005
Hey guys, I have a jackrussel terrier. His name is Spot b/c he's all white with brown around his eyes and one brown spot on his back. I love him soo much.Usually my family doesnt keep one dog for very long, i dont kno why, but we've kept him for over three years now and he so amazingly smart. He can learn a new trick in less then 15 minutes. I love him soo much... [Editor: Here's hoping you keep your dog always. Dogs are members of the family and shouldn't just be given away or dropped off somewhere!]

Dec 14 2005
I rescued my dog from the pet adoption organization, she was taken from a puppy mill @ put into the pet adoption. my dog is a sleeve pekinise. I have her three years, I call her Sunee, WE are very attached,and I can't imagine being without her. I came from Poland 10 years ago marrying my american husband. I have never been so attached to a dog.

Dec 8 2005
Christmas shopping for Annie (Sibe) and Andromeda Marie Katherine (malamute) has always been a lot of fun. We take them to Petsmart every year, and they help pick out their presents. Annie got a big, juicy bone and Andromeda picked out a box of oatmeal dog cookies. All the dog loving humans on my list are getting a copy of How To Be A Successful Dog. Its a cute little paperback book that was put out by MAD magazine a few years ago. Everything is told from the dog's point of view--its priceless. Plus, its clean humor, and suitable for the entire family. Happy Holidays to all pets and their people!

Dec 5 2005
Jessie and angel
hey guys I will tell you about angel. I came home from school last year and walked in my house and my parents told me they put angel up for is the poem I made up for her...angel my dog was the sweetest dog i loved her so. is she in heaven? I Really dont know I loved her and she loved me but now shes just a memory. there was my poem...if u happen to have adopted a shelty named angel then write me. anglebabie1094

Dec 5 2005
hey yall! I love dogs so dad is getting me one for christmas a chihuhua i will name her angel...after my other dog angel...I lost her last year...

Dec 5 2005
im chelsea and i have a shar pei called buster

Dec 3 2005
We have had our miniature poodle named pepsi since he was 6 weeks old. Well there are about 4 houses of our neighbors in the subdivision who work for coca-cola. One day i was talking to one of the guys and he said i bet you named your dog pepsi because we all work for coke but the truth is he got the name because i stopped drinking soda's and i use to live on 3-4 diet pepsi's a day so when i stopped i thought i'd keep them around one way or the other.......ha, ha, ha

Nov 21 2005
I had a special dog.Her name was jenny. She died of the horrible disease parvo. I felt so horrible like i did this to her. I tried all i could even my mom said so. i miss her. But she remains in my heart.

Nov 17 2005
i would like to tell you about my retriver, max. i found him chained up outside brixton police station as a pup. i took him home and nursed him back to health. we have been best mates now for six years. can you love your dog too much? [No!]

Nov 11 2005
I dont have a dog.(i have a cat) My friends moms friend has 5 dogs.i love them so much!their names are thome, arthur, pheobe, chandler, maggie. thome is a britny spainel. arthur's a border collie mixed with a lab. pheobe and chandler are brother and sister they are huskys. magie is a lab. they are all so nice. i LOVE them.

Nov 9 2005
mt dog has got a short tail because her tail got cut off when she was 36 months old. and she trys to chase it and grab it but she can't because it is small.

Nov 9 2005
When I was 6 years old, I got a collie puppy for my birthday. I named her Lassie. I had so much fun with her. She was a good dog. I had her for eleven years. She died yesterday, she was old and tired.

Nov 8 2005
I have 2 dogs, Skippy and Archie. We got Skippy first from the Humane Society and Archie from a neighborhood. Skip is 2 and 11 months and Archie is 3 months old. We had to take Skippy to the Hospital once becuase he had 2 big foxtails in his right nostril. We had to take him home at 11:00 pm!! Skippy and Archie are my most favorite dogs in the whole entire world!

Nov 7 2005
I have 2 dogs, Archie and Skippy! Skippy is a Basset Hound and Archie is a Boxer mix. Although Archie is still a puppy, Skippy likes to wrestle and play with Archie all the time! Skippy knows many tricks such as sit, stay, roll over,shake, and jump! Archie, as a puppy, just knows sit and jump! Once you get to know them they're the greatest!!!

Nov 6 2005
WHEN I was 7-8 my dog was hit by a car and we thought she would die she is alive with 3 legs im 12 going on 13 and im so glad she is alive

Nov 6 2005
We carved jack o' lanterns around Halloween, and Annie took a particular dislike to a hideously ugly pumpkin, which we christened Nando. She kept pacing back and forth, growling, and barked at it a couple of times! What a nut!

Nov 2 2005
We took the dogs trick-or-treating with us, and they really enjoyed themselves. We were quite a sight--one person dressed as a vampire, and the other two as former 1980s club kids Michael Alig and James St. James (yours truly, I looked just like him!), a Sibe in a denim Harley-Davidson costume, and a 100 pound Alaskan malamute in a leather Harley vest. They both wore little leather painters caps on their heads, and received far more love than the three of us did! I guess it's time to give up trick-or-treating when one reaches their mid-30s!

Oct 29 2005
well i own a lopsooppso named olliy he is so sweet. he loves socks and in the morning time he will grab my sock to wake me up to feed him

Oct 28 2005
I have 3 dogs named Zeus, Annie, and Roxie. Zeus is a lab/chow, Annie is a lab/boxer, and Roxie is a Jack Russell. They all love to play in the backyard and chase squirrels. They also love to terrorize my 2 black cats: Squeecks and Starla. At the end of the day, all 3 dogs love to sleep on my leather couch or on my bed. It's so cute!

Oct 25 2005
b.r.p.l Dogs
I love dogs I wanna be a vet when I'm older. I love all dogs and all beeds. I am a vegeterian. And I would never eat an animal. Personally think it's cruel to eat an animal. I don't just like 1 spacific animal, I like all of them. All I eat is salad.I guess you can call me a vegan. No eggs 4 me. :)

Oct 23 2005
my dog is white and is very,very, very,very cute,small,loving and smart.i have another dog too he is white with brown spots all over. my girl and boy are are the same except my girl is smaller then my boy, probably about 3or4 inches smaller. my boy thinks is big and bad but on the other my girl is sweet and sleepy alot. but when she gets mad or platful we have to watch out for her same with my boy.

Oct 18 2005
Her mommy and Nicole bell!
Sheri (Her mom): Dogs are great friends! They love you no matter what.They grow fast. You should brush your dog everyday! Walk your dog everyday. Most important, pet your dog and read to it they love it! Nicole: I always read to dogs! I hope you follow what my mom says! We love this site and we learn about dogs! My mommy has a sore throat and some virus on top of it. Anyways, You should make a list about your dog on a sheet of paper! Make a list of your dogs name,Its weight, what breed it is, what food it eats, its b-day, the best game, the vets office's phone number, the vets name, the vet's place, the vet's assistant's name, your phone number and, the dog's picture! Look in the book:ASPCA Puppy!

Oct 17 2005
Nicole Bell the dog lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good morning! I still have some dog names! How about Rose, Sleeping Beauty, Black Lad, Lassie, Rita, Justine, Makinzie, Matthew, Trooper, Zitch, Zackary, Loiseanna, Texas gal, Spot, Jasmine, Fiona. How about them? October was Fiona's birthday!

Oct 15 2005
When I was a young child, my beloved Great Auntie had an Alaskan Malamute named Suki. She was exceptionally sweet and loving. She followed my Auntie everywhere, and was famous for making a trip around the tabletop every mealtime with her nose! She was also great with children, very gentle. My Grandma and Grandpa also had two dogs when I was a kid; Shu-Shu was a black poodle, and Terry was a keeshound, mixed with an unknown breed of small terrier. Shu-Shu was very shy, but Terry was outgoing, and he was completely devoted to my Grandmother. He had epilepsy, and Grandma would give him his medication every day, wrapping the pill in a piece of toast dipped in my Grandpa's coffee. He lived well into his teens, and gave many years of love and faithful companionship before he passed on. Dogs are so dear; is it any wonder that we all love them? :^)

Oct 13 2005
We had two new t-shirts made for our dogs Annie (sibe/whippet), and AMK (Andromeda Marie Katherine, an Alaskan Malamute). Andromeda's reads: Public Enemy #2, and Annie's reads: The Boogie-Woogie Bugle Butt of Company P. Annie's nickname came from the unfortunate result of too many dog treats at once! AMK and Annie are also co-authoring a dictionary of dog nonsense words. It's grown to about 150 'words', and it leaves the family in stitches every time!

Sep 26 2005
My dog's name is Bella and I love her very much. She is a 14 year old dog in dog life and 2 in human life. She is the cutest dog ever. This one time my sister came home and bella was all excited and she jumped off the couch and zoomed to my sister and ran back to the couch but on her way back she stepped on something. She took one step back and picked the eraser and ran to the couch it was hilarious.

Sep 24 2005
Well this is just one little anecdote about one of my dog's mischiefs. Seti, a 6 year old maltese a very lazy bud, and very smart too, is not allowed to sleep in my mom's bed, so one day tired of this, Seti scratched the door like saying: hey I wanna leave, open please so my mother stands up from bed, aproaches to the door and puff! Seti jumps to the bed and takes my mom's place in bed, while she stands up in front of the door watching the clever dog taking a fair rest in the pillow.

Sep 19 2005
My best friend is my dog lucy. she is a year old and she is a chow. she was born on my moms birthday. and when i first saw her I taught she liked like a little ewok. and I didn't want nothing to do with her. But when I saw her laying there almost dead because her mom would not feed her. So I picked her up and i started to bottle feed her and after about aweek I was in love. I called her Lucy because she loves to watch I love Lucy. She was watching it one day and i cut off the t.v. and she bit me. So I put it back on and she was fine. the past year has been hard and my dog helped me through.

Sep 16 2005
hello i am in love with dogs to my puppy just died last saturday what can i do? and i am only 17

Sep 15 2005
my kids keep pulling and picking up our 3 month old puppy (lab) by its tail it doesn't seem to hurt her but will it cause problems - its causing problems for them - time outs and punishments!! thanks - please e-mail [Keep after those kids and take away privileges like TV, dessert, candy, sodas, etc. when they pull on the puppy's tail!]

Sep 11 2005
My dog's name is Thatcher, and I love him to death! He is an 11 year old mutt. Very fat, black, with big brown loveable eyes. Enough to win anyone's heart. Unfortunately, he has a story, like so many other dogs. He lived with an elderly couple for 6 years of his life. He was spoiled rotten and loved it. When the couple, had to move to a retirement home, Thatchy was homeless. He was taken in by the S.T.A.R.T foster homes for animals. He visited about 3 homes in the past month, and for reasons I never could discover, was sent back to the foster home repeatedly. After begging for a dog for 2 years, my mom finally took me to PetCo the day that S.T.A.R.T visited with their dogs. We saw Thatcher lying on his belly letting a little girl pet him. We immediately brought him home and took good care of him. Now he enjoys things like eating, sleeping, and stealing his younger borther's (a Rottie named Romeo, who thinks he is the man of the house!) bones.

Sep 7 2005
In 2002 my family went to the anderondak mountains in upstate new york. It was cold and my dog was asleep. So we put a towel over him.

Aug 28 2005
Andromeda (Malamute) and Annie (Sibe) are music lovers. They will chirp and moan along with nearly any CD, but their current favorites are the late folk singer, Tim Buckley, and The Monkees. I have a cheap karaoke machine, and I did a cassette mix of the pups howling along with the Porpoise Song. Its oddly beautiful, and not just a little funny! Also, we're teaching Annie a new trick called Tell Me A Secret. She puts her paw on the side of my face, and sticks her nose in my ear and twitters. Andromeda makes some strange faces, but she doesn't like to do many tricks. She will roll on her back, cross her big blue eyes and kick her feet on occasion, but its usually because she has an itch that she cannot reach, ha ha! Annie and Andromeda are great dogs, and I'm so glad that they're part of our family. I love them very much. PS: Cute dog on the Sirius of the Week page! I love the doggles pic! What a cutie!

Aug 19 2005
My Mother's dog, J.D. (short for Jack Daniels), loves to go Bye-Bye. All my Mom and her husband have to do is mention the word bye-bye, and J.D. starts wailing with happiness and excitement, and dashes back and forth between the door and his Mum and Dad, vocalizing in the eloquent way that only a blue heeler/black lab mix can master. It sounds a bit like: Auh-rah-rah-rah-roo-ooooooh!!!! He is a very treasured and dearly beloved member of our family, and he is the reason that I have dogs myself. His nickname from his big sis (AKA ME) is Little Slice Of Heaven.

Aug 11 2005
mr L
i have a question. what age does a dog have to be before you can cut his ear? [Editor: please reconsider cutting your dog's ears as it is not a humane practice. In any case, discuss this with your veterinarian who will advise you on the proper age and procedure. Anything else could result in major problems.]

Aug 10 2005
I was dog sitting for a friend yesterday. Fenris (see pet of the week, Jan. 31 2000), a dachshund, has a reputation for being a big wuss. He was walking across the lawn, when he suddenly jumped up in the air and dashed away. What scared him so much? A butterfly. Ok, so it was a tiger swallowtail, no doubt given that name because of its big pointy teeth, mean disposition, and habit of eating little doggies tail first.

Aug 6 2005
Nicole Bell
I have some dog names. How about,Fiona, Bristol, Angel, Esther, Dog, Tail Terrier, Brainy Barker, Krypto, Mammoth Mutt, Tusky Husky, Afghana, Hubble, Greater Dane, Ace, Nelly, Scamp, Hot dog, Katie and Rufus.

Jul 31 2005
My dog is super big but he's so friendly and cute! I love him to death!!!!

Jul 30 2005
My step-uncle used to have a miniature white poodle named Teddy who used to love to chase golf balls! He was the cutest thing -- every little curl in place, big brown eyes, and a lovely disposition to match. My uncle and aunt passed away recently, and Teddy followed them within a few months. He loved his mum and dad very much, and they had nearly 16 years together. Now, they are reunited at Rainbow Bridge! The sweet little guy will make a great guardian angel!

Jul 30 2005
Annie, my Siberian Husky, and Andromeda, my Malamute, have a language all their own. They came up to greet my little cousin at the gate with their signature moaning howls. It's rather hard to describe, but it sounded like Hai! Hai! Haoooooor! Awaayaaaaa-eeeee-ooo--eeee-agh! My little 8 year old cousin laughed with delight. Annie and Andromeda sure love kids! **MY CONDOLENCES TO MY FELLOW POSTER FOR THE LOSS OF HER DOG**

Jul 24 2005
I had this dog named Gizmo -- Me and my sister were soooooooo attatched to him. He died and me and my sister took 3 days off of school like he was a human.

Jul 24 2005
This might sound gross but when my dog Roxy is near her period she wears a dipper (hay it's cheaper.) She looks such like a baby.A ny way one time when my mom was letting her outside she forgot to take her diaper off and she pooped in it.

Jul 19 2005
On the day that we have gotten our dog well we were all thinking of a name for him and we came up with Rusty. Well when we said that name, he just perked up his ears like he knew that was going to be his name right from the start. Right now he is in our back yard and he is such a silly dog. The other day he ran into the house head first. Love yall.

Jul 17 2005
My dog is a funny puppy.I had him since he was 3 days old. he is about 4 months old now. he lives with his mom and dad. He has 3 friends. he loves to swim.

Jul 14 2005
Nicole bell the bristol and Fiona kid
Bristol! My dog is the best! She loves to rest. Because we sit and play all day. This is what I say, My dog is the best!(She was actually old and slept all day!)... Fiona! My dog is nuts! She loves to run! Because we have fun all day. This is what I say, My dog is nuts! (she is a strong puppy and she's still nuts!)

Jul 14 2005
I am the biggest dog fan in the world. I have a dog called Charlie. we got him two weeks ago from a rehoming centre. He is so so soooo cute. He's already off the lead and running about by himself. The reason he had to be rehomed is because his owner lived in the countryside and was moving to Derby and she didn't think Charlie would like the town so we took him. He is five years old and I think he will be my friend for life.

Jul 10 2005
Nicole Bell ( The Bristol And Fiona kid)
My heart raced when I saw my dogs picture. Sometimes, Fiona and I play Hide And Seek in my room. There's only one thing, Fiona is a Labradoodle puppy, and she can't go in my room yet. She stays in the house and I go in my room. Her favorite hobby is to be free and to run like a racing Labradoodle! Whoa! She bangs into the couches when she does it in the house! In Fiona's eyes, you can see the mischieviousness in them. In Bristol's eyes, you could see the sweetness. Bristol loved to sleep and eat. Fiona loves to play and to eat taco chips and peanut butter. They both loved to eat mangos too. Ruff Ruff and away!!!!!!

Jul 8 2005
Tori and Buddy
I got a puppy a few months ago. His name is Buddy. He is a boxer. If someone walks in my house he starts jumping all over you. He is geting a little better at not jumping up so much but he still does it.

Jul 8 2005
i ahve a fox terrier named dixie. she is very fat and will eat anything. well one day we went blackberry hunting and i decided to give her a blackberry. well i didnt think she would actually eat it but she did! later on i taught her to eat blackberries off the bush and so now wewill go blackberry hunting and have a great time!!! luv, the blackberry folks!

Jul 5 2005
Ashley & Ruger
I got a yellow lab a couple years ago and whenever you walk in the door he starts howling his head off. It sounds pretty funny. He is a big chickken though. Whenever he sees somebody he doesn't know he will bark but he runs away while he barks.

Jun 25 2005
My favorite way to let my Malamute and my Husky know that it's time to go outside... I shriek, Wanna go STIIIINK??? at them, and they almost knock me over in their joyful enthusiasm as they prance around me on two legs. I admit, that phrase has earned me some puzzled expressions from the neighbors...and some of my little cousins have started using that phrase when they, themselves, need to use the loo...

Jun 25 2005
My pitbull that is now 3 is the cutest dog ever. To show that she loves me and my family, she makes a smile and a scrunched up face at the same time and likes us. Sometimes she even moves her head to the side and starts jumping around!!!!!!!!

Jun 10 2005
My dog marshmellow is a loving big boy and he will not let anyone in the yard he is very protective

Jun 10 2005
i m the proud owner of an 11 years old german shepphard mixed with rothweiller and even if he s starting to be deaf with a lot of inflammation in his spine , he still finds the energy and the patience to go after groundhogs. But is favorite sport is , you would never guess ; it's to go after rocks that i will toss in the water . Finally after a good walk he knows where the treats are and in which closet , watch out.

Jun 10 2005
Nicole Bell (The dog lover)
This is sad but I'll tell you anyways. Bristol died on Wednesday. I cried. I thought of some dog names. How about...Georgette , Tito , Dodger ,Rita , Francis , Einstine ,Fiona ,Shrek , Bristol ,Angie and Matthew.

Jun 8 2005
My little mixed terrier is so smart that the other day, while I was lounging on the couch, she went to the back door. Nothing odd, but I started to move thinking she might need to go out. I looked at her and she squatted......When I got out there, there wasn't a drop! She was using that motion to let me know she needed desperately to pee!!!! :) I love my little Lucy!

Jun 8 2005
Nicole The dog Lover
I watch Oliver And Company yesterday. My favorite characters are...Rita, Dodger, Enstine, Gorgette, Tito and all the other dogs.I like Krypto The Super Dog too.My favorite movies are:Krypto The super Dog,Oliver And Company, Toby Terrier, Lady And The Tramp2, Lady And The Tramp and other dog movies or stories.

Jun 3 2005
oh my goodness! my dog is hilarious, he likes to climb up ladders and slide down slides! he also likes to chase flys, and chase his tail. I LOVE MY DOG MAXX!!

Jun 3 2005
My two dogs (Andromeda, Malamute & Annie, Husky) have a language all their own. The other day, I asked Andromeda if she was ready to take a walk outside. Her reply? She smacked her lips soundly and said, Aaaaa-h-h-h-hhhh!!!- She would have been a great soda company spokesdog! Annie and Andromeda are a bad influence on my vocabulary, as well. I have found myself using such phrases as: unga-bunga-bunga, stinky puppy, and woobie-woogie wooh wooh. I also sing Stinky huskies to the tune of Handel's Messiah at five a.m. each morning, to let them know that its time to go outside. I wonder what they're thinking when I'm talking to them...I suspect that its something along the lines of, Mama's 'round the bend, ha ha!

Jun 1 2005
my dog willow is always calm, but once you start playing with her she becomes wild as a monkey in a banana patch.

May 28 2005
My dog Pal is so much fun. He jumps on you. I LOVE PAL!

May 19 2005
My dog Dottie who is now 12 loves to sing!! She sounds like a cow, but she just sings up a storm! I think she is the best dog in the world!

May 15 2005
amy and britney
the neighbors dog clara eats poo and she comes back stinky. when she is done with us she goes to her real home

May 13 2005
emily a.k.a. eBay
i love my dog kasey because she has really big brown eyes and howls! when she howls her mouth looks like a little o! it's so funny! i call her kasey bird (actually my whole family does) but i dunno why! thx for thinking up this great website! buh- bye for today! eBay

May 10 2005
my neighbor's new boxer rocky is so cute. he bites really hard but we love him.

May 10 2005
my dog pilot is so funny when he looks at me .but he is so cool

May 7 2005
my dog Angel for some reason likes to chase his tail. it is funny but sometimes he will throw up all over the place.

Apr 26 2005
My dog Max is a pitbull/mix and is a really nice and loving dog. He makes me laugh when I'm sad and stuff like that. He plays soccer and will run from people who are trying to get him. It's so funny! He is 1 1/2 years and already knows: sit, lay, shake/paw, jump, dance, bark! He also plays tug-'o-war!

Apr 25 2005
Nicole the dog and Doggie Daycare lover
Today, I'm going to tell you about my other dog, Bristol! She's a black lab and half husky. She is 9 years old-But she is very old. She has arthritis in her arm. She loves to snooze and lets you: brush her, pet her, hug her, run your fingers through her tail, and sit with her. She has fun a lot when she is on her favorite brown chair with a blanket with a church. The Doggie Daycare and dog lover, Nicole

Apr 22 2005
When I got home my beagle, Dottie, was sleeping on top of the table!

Apr 22 2005
My beagle, Dottie, acts really weird around bones. She never chews them. She takes them, then jumps over them and spins around it. Its really funny. She also takes it and buries it in my bed. At least she pretends to.

Apr 20 2005
One time, when my family was at my grandma's house, we could not find our new puppy, Freckles! Freckles is a Miniature Dappled Doxie, so she is really tiny and she was REALLY tiny when she was a puppy. Anyway, we were looking all over for Freckles but we still couldn't find her!!!! My dad went to put on his shoes, and Freckles was asleep in his shoes!!! That was soooo cute!!! :)

Apr 20 2005
I have a fabulous Australian Shephard named Fossil. She is 9 months old and smart and as quick as a whip... The other night after my bath I stepped out of the bathroom and looked to Fossil's 'normal' hang out and she wasn't there, she wasn't at the top of the stairs either.. Where was she? Oh there she is laying ON TOP OF OUR TABLE... After a chuckle and a look around for a camera she was shooed off of the table .. Guess it is one way to keep it cleaned off... : )

Apr 17 2005
a few weeks ago we went out to dinner for easter we had a whole basket full of hard boiled eggs when we got home our dog had eaten all 10 eggs in the basket.

Apr 16 2005
Nicole (The Dog and Doggie Daycare lover!)
Guess what? I'm going to read to a black lab,vCleo! I'm so excited! I read to a crossbreed named Leo. But I think he retired or he went to a different library. They do it once a month from now on. I might read her the doggie daycare ones I made her on the computer. They read to the dogs in the library. She looks like Fiona's friend, Bristol, even with those white cheeks, and bristol has gray hairs. Gatta go! The Doggie Daycare and dog lover, Nicole!

Apr 14 2005
my dog is a mutt!! Ilove him so much. Buddy is the best dog I have ever had!!!!!

Apr 13 2005
my dog is a mutt. my family thinks he can't do any tricks, boy. were they wrong!! we(my family) were having a cook out for the fourth of july and we had hotdogs, ham, etc.... we noticed that that food was disappearing behind our backs. it turned out that my dog had learned form my brother how to sneak food when we aren't watching. all the food for us was in the back yard in a big hole!!!

Apr 12 2005
I have a dachshund named Jersey, she is a great dog. However, I cannot get her to learn any tricks. I could tell her sit 100 times and push her butt down and she'll fall over for me to pet her belly. She loves bugs, especially june bugs. She will put them into her mouth and throw them up into the air, then she'll roll on them. Yuck!!! I am wanting to get another dog, a yorkshire terrier, I am not sure yet, I want to do more research on them first. I want a girl, I'll name her Jada. My husband, son, me and all our pets are named with a J.

Apr 10 2005
Nicole (The dog and Doggie Daycare lover!)
Today, I'm talking about our puppy, Fiona. She is a lab crossed by a poodle (a Labardoodle). She's not that curly like a poodle. She is orange. She is a cutie, but she's into mischief. She loves to chew and play. She eaven loves to play with her friend, Bristol. I'll talk about her soon. Your doggie daycare lovers, Nicole and Fiona!

Apr 10 2005
hey well i dont have a dog but my bf has one and i play with it. the dogs name is Padfoot and he couldnt do any tricks until today. we were playing soccer and he runs in and dodged everyone trying to get the ball from him. now every time we say 'ball' he comes and plays. he's are #1 player!!!

Apr 7 2005
Nicole (The Doggie Daycare and dog lover!)
I love having my doggie daycare dvd on. It has nice sound on it. Anyways, I'm a dog lover. I like all of them, But mostly , Beau, Lula, Honey, And Cookie. My favorite part is when Honey told Lula ( Witch Honey's the boss) to sniff Britney's dipar. Lula did what she was told. I have all, singal Doll and Honey comes with dvd! I have her too. I have two dolls of Cookie the great dane and Honey, the saint Bernard. Gatta Goooooooo! The doggie daycare lover Nicole

Apr 6 2005
My dog Clover is so adoracle, as well as funny. She howls as if she were singing when I play my clarinet high, she licks me, and even our guinea pig named Cookie, and she does plenty more terrific things! The best thing about my little german sheperd/collie mix, is that she always keeps me company, and is there to play.

Apr 5 2005
I have a lot of dog names to vote. How about: Beau , Justine ,Lula , Cookie , Crockett , Lacy , Ginger , Bristol , Fiona , Alax , Rox , Germain , German , Bobby, Doggie , Victoria , Princess , Tina , Lisa , Honey , Hopkins , Tangrinea , Cristina , Cris , Opal , Winn-Dixie ? How about those? From Nicole ( The Doggie Daycare And Dog lover!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Apr 1 2005
My dog Peanut is hilarious. She loves to play ball. She just won't leave you alone. One day my mom got in the shower and Peanut followed her in there and kept on dropping the ball in the shower. Finnally when my mom didn't throw the ball back out she jumped in there, even thow she hates water. When my mom got out so did Peanut, we always kept a towel on the foor, Peanut lay down on it and grabbed the edge of the towel. she rolled her self up in it and started shaking around when she was done with that she got up dropped the ball at my mom's feet and started to bark. I love my dog, she is the graetest, I don't know what I would do without her.

Mar 30 2005
Max is my new dog. we adopted him from a rescue person (well acually it's just the person who rescues dogs) and he is soo cute! He is a Shih-tzu and is 9 and after he goes to the bathroom he wipes the ground with his feet! he is the cutest and he is such a good dog. he's like my super puppy! super CUTE!

Mar 26 2005
I have written to this site before on April 15th 2004 but I would like to write to this site again saying how much I love my dog Monty and I will always love him whatever might happen.

Mar 22 2005
i have 2 dogs one's a golden retriever who is 10 years old called Max and one's a boxer cross german sheperd. Max is having heart problems he's getting better though. At my dads house there is a dog called Clara that is the neigbors dog but always comes over to our house.

Mar 22 2005
Hey there everyone! Well, I have a dog named Jadde (one letter for each of my family member's first names: J for Jamie, A for Ally, D for Dana, D for Dan and E for Erica) He is a springer spaniel cross with a poodle (a sproodle!!) lol He is so adorable and energetic! I love him!

Mar 19 2005
Hi Im Jordan i helped raise a puppy named jessica. She is brown and white and she likes to bite she is a very sweet dog.

Mar 19 2005
Yesterday on my dog, Beau's birthday,W e had dog music.T he cd was called Dogs Rule! It had a book so you can sing the songs.And when it played No dogs allowed... It went Dadadadadfadadada..It was weird.It sounded like a radio almost ran out of sound.Then I looked at the cd. It had scractes on the top and bottem. My mom went to the scholastic book fair website. It was just like what I'm telling you right now. You know what?I'm really crazy for dogs!!!!! ...

Mar 18 2005
Hey, my name is reagan, i have a dog named cricket. we bought her from a dog breeder in LA. She was about 6 months old when we bought her. and now she is about as old as my sister, katelyn. she is almost seven years old.

Mar 17 2005
I love dogs and I want to learn more about them. I have almost a 100 stuffed dogs. I would love to have a dog that is golden and retrieves sticks, toys, Newspapers, Balls, And other stuff.But my mom says that You have a lot of dogs.We can't have more till there gone. I have 3 real dogs. Two are at my dad's house and 1 is at my mom's house. The 2 are named Bristol and fiona. The other is named Tibet. Gatta-Go! Bye-Bye! From:Nicole ( The Dog lover!!!!!!!!)

Mar 10 2005
Tiffany A.K.A. DOG LOVER
I have 4 dogs, Sammie who is 7, Bandit who is 2 as of Christmas eve, and Buddy who is 8 weeks. Sammie is a terrier mix, bandit is a German Shepard Austrailian Shepard mix and Buddy is a German Shepard, and a blood hound named Cody who is 1. I love my dogs, they are so sweet. Buddy is still a puppy and he is very active, so is Cody and Bandit. Sammies pretty old so she isn't as active as when we got her as a puppy. she was thrown in the garbage when she was a puppy and my aunt wanted to know if we wanted a puppy that they found in the garbage. I lost my first tooth that day and it was wonderful. None of my dogs have ever bit anyone -- they love all of us we love them and they're spoiled. they get a bed (real), they get walked every day (literally) and alot more!!!

Mar 9 2005
my dog is verry cute. it's a girl. her names shadow. she's 9 weekes old. she plays a lot with you. she also licks you like hell, so that's shadow

Mar 9 2005
Tom is best dog fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my dog called max is 3 and he is a staffy. he is so inquisitive and he likes to follow my two cats mog and meg around. one time he got stuck under a fence when he tried to follow meg next door because the lady there feeds mog and meg. he was stuck there for half an hour until my gran got the man nextdoor to help.

Mar 8 2005
I'v always wated a dog sooooooo much but my mom would let me get one because we live in New York. Once 5 years ago when I was 6 we went to visit my grandmother in seattle and she has two dogs. they could do tricks. one was when I held a treat realy high so he had to stand on his back legs to get it. He had to this dance to balance, it wa sooo funny.

Mar 8 2005
i love pets really they are my live to me. i have a cat and a dog. cat called billy. dog called ripley.

Mar 5 2005
I have a little Jack-russel called Scampers. When we first got him he ran to the canal on the other side of our village with my brothers dog called Holly. They go everywhere together! Me and my mum ran to the canal to find them, but they had already ran half way down the canal. I got my bike and tried to catch up with them. I eventually found them on a farm near by the canal. I brought them back to my house and made sure they were ok.

Mar 2 2005
Amiee (im 14 yrs)
Once, my minuature doxie Penny ran away. well the only way to catch her is to wait till she goes potty, or still she stops to sent. so, she running like a bullet, and im trying to catch up when she trips over her cute stubby feet. she flew like a maniac in a shuttle. she landed in the grass on her back. she just laied there with her feet in the air. i thought she had hurt her spine, and when i reached her side, she had this look of shock on her face that was so funny, i started to laugh so hard, people around me stared. her eyes were buggeyed. you had to be there for the moment. she was not hurt but i wish i had a pic to show all of you.... ohhh, good time, good times.. email me if you like a i like to get email about dogs and such.... i may end up writing another storey...

click on *Goofy Pics* and then scroll all the way down to the bottom....enjoy!

its ...

Mar 2 2005
Hi...I just sent a message about my puppy, Tink...I just wanted to say that I have some pictures of Tink on my website...

Mar 2 2005
Tawnya name is Tawnya and I'm 14...I recently (on February 26th) got a puppy as a late Christmas present. She is a Rat Terrier. She is 6 weeks old and is the CUTEST THING EVER. She is white with brown spots and I love her so much. We named her Tink, short for Tinkerbell, and her collar has a bell on it...HOW PRECIOUS!!

Mar 1 2005
I have a pit bull/mastiff mix dog named Max. He's around 1 1/2 years old. He has got to be the best dog around people and children that i've ever seen. Even though Pitbulls have a bad rap, Max is a really great dog and i hope people can see that it's all in the way the owner treats and trains the dog, thats what makes them the way they are

Feb 28 2005
The perfect mix for a dreary day: 1 Siberian husky (Annie), 1 Alaskan malamute (Andromeda Marie Katherine), and a recording by an old country singer...the noise is deafening--and delightful. Snow Dogs are by far the best yodelers!

Feb 22 2005
Steffie ( #1 dog fan!!!!)
Hi!!! I love dogs so much!!!!! I think that dogs are a really good companion because they can help out with police, fireman, in the hospital, and even more! My experience with dogs has been great, and I love them so. They are nice and friendly, and always seem like they want to get to know you! I do have a dog, and it's really amazing if you just watch them do their own thing and go about life. Like I said, I have had a wonderful experience with dogs, and I hope you do too!!!

Feb 21 2005
I have raised a wienie and a blue healer together for 2 and a half years Princess the healer is bigger than Dallas! SO When I brought her home Dallas is like what ?? -- so it was weird!

Feb 20 2005
My Cocker Spaniel mix is soooooo cute her name is Mickey. I love her but I wanna get a Chihuahua.

Feb 16 2005
Heyzzz every1 ,i have a really cute dog named winston who is a pekinise. he's one of the cutest dogs you will ever see, and i have a beautiful dog named katie... she has lab in her, dacshund, collie,and more. Winston is one of a kind; he will hang off of katies ears -- it is so funyy,lolz. I just want 2 say I LOVE MY DOGS SOOO MUCH xoxo

Feb 14 2005
The day I met NICKY, I was doing volunteer work at my Dad's Dog Shop. I was doing my usual morning rounds ,making sure the dogs had a good night, when I noticed a German Shepherd Male trembling at the far end of his stall. I had never seen him, so I figured he was new. He looked so frightened!!! I went into the stall and put his big beautiful head on my lap and stroked him and whispered to him until he stopped shaking. It was LOVE FROM THERE. I later learned that Nick was 5 yrs old and considered aggressive. He had already been through 4 owners in his short life. To make matters worst, my dad deemed him not sale material because of his nature and his age. I started taking Nick home with me at night against all recommendations. This dog had NEVER demonstrated ANY aggressive behavior in my presence. (He would later, but due to his violent training) The more I got to know Nick the more I loved him.

Feb 11 2005
Today my Jack Russell Terrier, Daisy, was walking real slow. She looked cute, so I talked to her and she turned around. Then I saw she had something in her mouth. I tried to see what it was, but she got a mad face. Then I thought, that little sneak was trying to get away with something so I better try to get it out. Then I saw she had a candy that she stole from my room that my grandma gave me. I learned that I better keep my candy hidden because Daisy has a real sweet fang!

Feb 10 2005
one time when we first got our dog Pepper I couln't wait to hold him. I think that he might of been exited too. when they first set him on my lap he jumped away. the second time he peed on me. I started to say my lap was geting warm but then I realised what had happened. I told my mom and she started to laugh. I didn't think it was too funny because my pants were soaking wet.

Feb 7 2005
hey guys just realized how long i haven't been on here, well my dog is now 3 yrs old and he is a lab mix (i think with rottie, cause of how his sister looks). i named him sylvester because of the fact he's black with a white chest, he really loves to play with the roll a treat toy. he sleeps on my bed and hes huge, like a baby horse!

Feb 1 2005
hi, ever since i saw that every one has a dog, i wanted 1 too.w e lived in a apartment and my dad is allergic to them,so its proboly impossible, but since i love dogs so much, my dad made an exception.(only if i stop talking about dogs). so when we get a house and a backyard we'll get a dog. yay! my very own dog!

Feb 1 2005
My yorkie mix Dusten used to run away when ever he had the chance. But when we had our yard fenced he went running and hit that fence where he would get out.A nd he never tried to run away again.

Jan 31 2005
yay my doggy has just had a litter of little babyies. they are called fred ron harry kate hermione juade and butcher

Jan 29 2005
missy, my dog sleeps like a log on daddys lap. although she is small, inside she is tall. missy is a purebred cavalier king charles spaniel tri color. she loves sleeping and stealing lollies. she is well behaved and most likely the cutest dog in the world. i love her so much she is my best friend

Jan 23 2005
I have a dog named hobo the reason we named him hobo was because my grandpa found him sitting on the side of the river because someone has thrown him away, so my grand caught him and brought him home and we gave him a bath and he loved us and we loved him and he be came part of our family

Jan 21 2005
Tinca from MOLDOVA
I have a dog with name Daisy. She is Mastino Napolitano. She is very kind with me, but bad with the strangers.

Jan 20 2005
My dog Casper [shih tzu] chews on everything! One of his favorite toys is a toilet paper roll. Also, his first toy was a duck and he still has it. It has no wings, no eyes ,its back has been sewn twice, and its leg has been sewn on once!

Jan 18 2005
My first dog i had was named Trixie. She was so afraid of men, we don't know why. She would go outside in the winter and rather not come in than pass my dad to come in. She eventually warmed up to my dad (somewhat). We gave her away to this elderly lady we knew who just lost her husband and needed someone. When the lady passed away 3 years later, the dog passed away 4 days after she died. They both rock!! May they rest in peace!!!

Jan 17 2005
One day, down at a river, it was frozen over and my dog Jake (a yorkie) went over it to follow our black lab, buc and he did a 360 on the ice. He has not gone on the ice since.

Jan 17 2005
I had a dog that died saving me from a rattlesnake

Jan 16 2005
When I first got one of my new puppies, his name was zuez he climbed down my sisters shirt and popped his head out and sniffed around and it was so cute

Jan 15 2005
i want a chiuaua soo bad..ive LOVED them for so long...and i want to knwo hwo i can get one for free...i dont have n e money...and both my parents dont work...i am 14 turnin 15 in may..and the only thing i wanted fot x mas was this one chiuaua...but we ended up not havin xmas at all...can n e one help me try to find a dog...PLEASE [Editor: ask at your local pound if there is a chihauhau rescue group who takes in chihauhaus and finds homes for them. If there is one, maybe they can find you a chihauhau]

Jan 14 2005
My dog's name is Bandy. He is a chihuahua maltese mix and is really really sweet. whenever we go to the drivethroughs anywhere that they give treats he runs over to the window so the persom can see him. He is soooo adorable!!!

Jan 10 2005
Zoe's favorite person
My baby bichion is named Zoe. When I walked her one day it was snowing. There where two chunks of dirty snow on the ground. My dog mistook them for a squirrel and ran at them. She was very disapointed when she found out their real identity.

Jan 8 2005
i have a jack russel he is 3 yrs old he is so over protective of me, he won't let my husband in bed if we are in bed first. i love my jack, he is my life and everybody that knows him loves alot

Jan 6 2005
i have a dog named lexi she is cute and i taugh her how to do a back flip!! she is really good at it.

Dec 30 2004
I have a dog named petey he is such a sweety he has never been bad and for that we are glad we used to have a cat but enogh about that He makes sure were safe in the night and in the daylight he will always be in my heart forever and ever AND ALWAYS WILL!!!

Dec 26 2004
jz pimp
I got a puppy named Hershey. She is so aborable. And as puppies are, she got ahead of her self and cut her upper lip on an ornament hanger. She was all sad that she could'nt bark or even eat. But i guess Christmas was special. For dinner we had Chiness ribs.Like any 11 year old would do,i gave her a little piece. And with luck she ate it. Now she healing , we're taking her to the vet to make sure there's no infection. I'm glad Hersh is back to her normal self. It's good to know that miracles can happen.

Dec 26 2004
After a long day of consuming coffee, sak`e fudge and other holiday treats, I sat down and cuddled my Siberian Husky, Annie, on my lap. I turned my head to say something to her--and her eyes got really round, and she sank into the couch with a loud groan. The entire family roared with laughter--I guess that she was telling me that I needed to brush my teeth! She is something else!

Dec 16 2004
hey this is deedee, im just wondering how i can get my dog in the dog of the week? ---- NOTE TO EVERYONE: to get your dog in as dog of the week, email a picture and a biography of your dog to (Yes, it's the right email... the two sites share one email.)

Dec 15 2004
I love dogs so much, in fact, I even have one. She is a Maltese/Poodle. Her name is Ginger and she's very weird because we when we won't give her a belly rub, she'll go in the dining room and spread her back legs on the ground and drag them around the room so that the rug rubs on her belly. We call it the "dead doggy crawl".

Dec 8 2004
I love going to my mums house to feed our pet dogs. Betsy and Biggles (Terrier crosses) they know exactly when i am on my way over!!!

Dec 1 2004
Katie R
My dog's name is Cricket. She is a Fist Terrier. This is the wierdest thing! She eats cat food! Also, she puts her toy between her legs, grabs the head of her toy and jumps. I love my dog!

Nov 30 2004
i have a dog that is 2 years old and it is a husky x german shepherd and its name is boneo. it is shedding its winter coat, and we give boneo a hose every day to keep him cool. a dog's average temp. is 40 degres celsius

Nov 30 2004
i have these cute doggies and one is really big and one is really small. the small one is the boss of the house and it is funny to see a smaller doggie taking charge

Nov 26 2004

Nov 26 2004
ashley lynn burke
We have a beagle mix . His name is Flash. He can do a trick. We put a ball under two buckets and he can flip over the right one with his nose. We love him lots!

Nov 25 2004
Dogs With brown soft ears and bold dark eyes, Lucky sits and waits for his good-bye as we leave the house on a sunny march day, Lucky sits as we make our way, across the floor, down the stairs he sits waiting, in awe and stare as we finally approach within his range, he gives us a lick and is off to play he scampers and trips across the slippery clean floor and we just laugh, for him, we adore! -sophie

Nov 25 2004
Doggie lover
I got these new slippers. They looked like two dogs. Whistler my 5 month old golden reterver stated to attact my feet it was hilarious!!!!!! First I started to run so he wouldnt ruin them. But he got them and tore off the nose. After that I thought I might as well give him them. When I can to check on him he had tore the slippers into shreds!!! Always buy your dog toys or else you will be sorry!!!!!!!

Nov 23 2004
I was outside with my dog having a picnic. A bee came by and I didn't move. I was sure I'd get stung. My dog came by and she gobbled the bee in her mouth and spat it back out somewhere else!

Nov 22 2004
My dog's name is Buttons, and he is a Norfolk Terrier/Fox Wired Terrier. I got him when he was 9 weeks old. the first trick he learned was paw. I think he pretty much already knew it. On his first vet visit, he was pretty shakey. When we walked in the door, i don't think he could put his tail any farther under his legs! It was practically at his chest!

Nov 16 2004
Annie (Siberian husky/whippet) and Andromeda (Alaskan malamute) love to jabber in their own special language to each other, and to us. I'll never forget the first time I heard Annie howl--we were in the car, and a siren went by. Annie began to squeak, and then she let loose--it sounded like she had a mouthful of bubble gum and's hard to translate, but it sounded something like, AHHH-Wawawawaoaoaoa, hi-hi-hiyaaaaa, whummmm-bwah-buahhhh... I laughed so hard, I had to pull over.

Nov 16 2004
My dog is a Pomeranian named buddy . he gives five and ten . He reaches for the sky and then you shoot him and he plays dead . he dances and jumps through hoops and over 60cm jumps . His girlfriend is another pom named Madison . Buddy has all the latest fashion things for dogs . thanks for reading . Love Rachel

Nov 14 2004
I always wanted a puppy that I could hold in my arms and cuddle with. When I first saw Sandy there was an instant bond between us. She was a 15 pound little Golden Retriever puppy whose face I couldn't resist. My husband told me that she was going to get very big, but I didn't care.. she was adorable! Soon after we brought her home she began to grow to be a full size Golden Retriever. As she grew I would still pick her up and tell me husband, Look I can still carry her! He would laugh and say, Just wait! Well, he was right! She is now a beautiful full grown dog and I wouldn't trade her for the world. Even though I can't even attempt to pick her up, I can still cuddle with her anytime I want. I love her incredibly... all 70 pounds!

Oct 25 2004
my dogs names are molly bell and mattie ray. they know how to sit, stay and lie down. molly is a chocholate lab and mattie is a black lab. molly is one and a half. mattie is five years old. they are very happy liveing here. the dogs and their housekeeping staff live here. that is what i always say.L.O.L

Oct 22 2004
one time i put my dog buddy in boxers and he ran around and ripped them wide open!!!

Oct 13 2004
My dog is a German Shorhaired Pointer and her name is Missy. I adopted her in July and she is my first dog. I love her to pieces and am quite irritated when others feed her, let her outside' or feed her treats without my permission. She is the apple of my eye and I plan to not let her newness ever rub off to where I feel she is a bother. Every day I thank God for allowing me to have her. I believe she is an awsome answer to my prayers after thirteen years of asking God for a dog.

Oct 12 2004
My dogs name is Rip. He is ten years old and is a germon short haired pointer. Don't get me started on the name, all I know is his real name is Euripadese and he is a menace to socioty .I don't know where my parents got the name from but after knowing him awhile I think you'd agree that he should be named: YOU RIP AT EASE.

Oct 10 2004
I am getting a dog and i'm thinking of calling it Muffin. she's a goldendoodle (retriever/poodle) and she's a golden color so if u think Muffin is a good name please email me at cute_kitten600 at Please dont send emails after the 22 of October Thanks *Becky*

Oct 7 2004
I have a dog name Dylan he is 5 years old he is a male he like people and gets along with any one so e-mail if you wish csaw303 at thanks caitie

Oct 4 2004
On our morning walk around the Korean university campus where we live, my dog Libby disappeared into the hillside brush. She emerged about 3 minutes later...with a piglet! They were both the same size, and both had curly tails. Libby proceeded to give the pig a guided tour of the campus, and the pig trotted happily along with her. They looked like the best of friends! Pity the pig's owners finally found it, and into the sack it went. I wish I'd had my camera that morning...

Sep 26 2004
I have a pug named Minion. She is evil, but extremely cute. She pees on everything in sight. Everything I own smells like urine, and she poops all over the house. I am also worried that she may want to kill us. She bites me and gives me the evil eye. Other than that, she's awesome. I love that pug.

Sep 25 2004
I have recently adopted a little hound mix, and she has turned out to be the best puppy I have ever had. She is loving, patient, and smart. The surprising thing, I found her at the pound extremely malnourished. We live in Florida, and she lost her way during Hurricane Charlie, which is why I named her Charlie. Just goes to show that the best things come in little packages.

Sep 24 2004
One day my dog candy was acting strange it was her 2 birthday and she would not play so I said if you play i'll let you in the house she has never been calm again!

Sep 22 2004
my dog is a mixed hound and beagle he loves to do flips and play with your feet and loves to lick. i love him to death hes so cute and we havent even had him for a month yet. i cant find a name yet so any suggestions for a name cause i really need help [Eds: See the Dog names page on this site.]

Sep 18 2004
Hi. I have a dog named Snowball and he is a mutt (part cocker spainal, water spainal, golden lab and part chesapeake.) His dad is lab and chesapeak and his mom is the spainel's. My dog was all white when he was a puppy. But now he is tannish white. People wonder why he is called Snowball. My dog has a stuffed soccer ball that he loves to play with. My dog has had it all his life and never ripped it yet! And he is four years old! We got my dog for free because his mom had five puppies and his mom was our dog. He had one bother and three sisters. I wanted to keep them all but my mom wouldn't let us. But I love Snowball anyway! Snowball is like a son to me...I love him so much.. ~~~Jill

Sep 18 2004
Hi, I'm Jill. I have a dog named Snowball. Snowball is a boy. My dog sleeps in bed with me every night and he bothers me by snoring loudly. He kicks me off the bed almost every night to! But of course I still LOVE my dog! ~~~Jill

Sep 14 2004
I have three dogs. A jack russell cross called Millie who is 10 mounths and sleeps with me, she cries when I am not around. Thistle a jack russell who is four. And our Black Lab, Jasper who is so cool. He plays tag, and fetch, and tug o' war. He came second in a pedigree agility cause at burhley 2004. I love them to pieces!

Sep 8 2004
I have a dog that is a mix between hound dog and beagle. we use to have a cat and her and that cat use to play all the time. I really like this web because it tells about other dogs

Sep 4 2004
Hi,i have a jack russell terrier who is 9 weeks old. He can do loads of tricks already and is realy sweet.H e loves me and i love him.

Sep 2 2004
do you have a dog? I do his name is teddy. he is a miniature snauser. he plays a lot . teddy and me love playing tag. it a great game to play especialy with a dog named teddy.

Aug 26 2004
I have a dog called prnce who is a german shepard and looks evil but he is a real big baby. he cries when the ice-cream van comes rouund our block and we have to buy him a ice-cream and when i cry he cries with me , when we leave to go to the mall he cries at the window then when we get back he goes and huffs its like he's a real child. I love him to pieces and he even stays in my bed with me. I love dogs espeicially him and my other dog.

Aug 24 2004
Hi, I have a portugese water dog named george. When we moved to Indiana from Texas it was snowing. When we got out of the car he started ducking so we thought he was hurt. Soon to find out it just snow falling on his back. What a wusss!!

Aug 22 2004
I have a dog name daisy she is a jack russell, the first day we got her she was afraid of everyone but my neice sierra. she has all ways got along with sierra and probably always will. because of her love for animals sierra can reach animals no one else can. sierra and daisy treat each other as their own kids. daisy is a very special part of our family and always will be.

Aug 19 2004
my dog Daisy loves me and she hates running but if i run she will run after me, tring to race she is sooooooooooooooo cute.

Aug 18 2004
Hi my name is Emma.I have a border collie named Sara Lee. Sara Lee is 4 years old and has the longest tongue. It is very funny to watch her drink because water always splatters everywhere. She gets more water out of the bowl than she does in her mouth. I love all animals but especially love my dog.

Aug 15 2004
Hi! My name is Kimberly. I have a Rotweiler named Grace. She looks mean but is actually a big baby. She loves chasing things with wheels, the vaccum cleaner, mops, and the lawn mower. She is sooo funny! I love my Graceie baby!!!

Aug 9 2004
Hi my name is kayla i have a bishion cross with abso laso. Her name is zoey. i have taken her to the groomers once before she didn't like it at all.I took her to the groomers today she was excited because she thought we were going for a walk ,untill we took her in. She pulled away from me but being so small i got her in.When she was in she just stood there by the window. Poor zoey.

Aug 8 2004
I have two dogs. Lily is a german shorthair pointer, and Jack is a mixed golden retriever/springer spaniel. He's black with a white chest. They met each other when Lily was 6 months and he was 4 months old. They immediately loved one another and play together all day long. At night they sleep big dog with two heads, two tails and eight paws.

Aug 5 2004
Hi i have two dogs but the one i am going to talk about is my smallest dog Melia. She is a Mini Foxie crossed with a chiuaua(or however you spell it) she is the cutest thing you have ever seen but it is especially funny when she tries to catch her tail. Of a night time Melia will jump up on my bed and put her head under mine she is sooo suite i love her soooooooo much!! xoxoxo

Aug 2 2004
I have adog named Princess everyday when she wakes up she goes crazy and she chases her tail and when she runs to fast she does sommersaults it looks cute, she also wakes my mom up every morning and my mom gets mad just a little.

Jul 30 2004
Hey I have a 4 yr old dog named Milo. Milo is just not any normal dog , Milo is what you can call a companion. Not just any companion Milo is my security guard. What I mean about security guard is that he lets nobody mess with me .Its like someone he doesnt know touches me he'll bite you. Not hard, but hard enough to let you know not to mess with me. Milo is the one and only dog that has loved me more than just a normal looking dog. Milo at first was an ugly dog ,but what im trying to say is that no matter how ugly a dog is itll always be your companion and a true friend.

Jul 23 2004
hi my name is chrystina I have 3 dogs one is a half cow and german sheperd his name is gomaz. he's also 3 years old. the 2nd one is a dachshund his name is corkey he is 2 years old. last but not least is jazzabeel she's a jack russell terrier. she's two and a half years old. anyway these three dogs do nothing all day but chase each other all day long!!!!! now how silly it's like they're playing tag FREZZ TAG!!!!!

Jul 16 2004
Hi,my doge name is Buddy.He is a lapsapoop.He is half Poodel and half Lapsaopsa.He is 11 years old in humman years and 77 in dog years.We both are 11 in human years but my birthday is in September and his is in December.I got him when i was 2 and so was he,in human years anyway.My dog is a smaller dog so he lives longer.He is lazy but sometimes he can be very plaful.He loves when we give him a walk.I love my dog from the bottom of my heart.

Jul 15 2004
Cow and dog lover
Buddy is a 3 year old Cavalier King Charles Spainel. He is so cute! I got him on my 9th birthday! When we were in the car going home I was stretching so, I had a space behind my back Buddy climbed through it and sat there! When we got home buddy went in my big pile of stuffed animals! I couldn't find him at first lol. One day I was riding my bike and my mom was walking Buddy. A car pulled up and said they have a dog just like Buddy! Well, we said where got him and they said they got there dog from the same place! It turns out Buddy and their dog were twins! I love my Buddy!

Jul 15 2004
My dog Bobby is a mental little Ewok (he's a shihtzu lhasa apso- very like the Star Wars Ewoks lol). He is a litlle escape artist and has an unexplained fear of inflatable dolphins. His only friends are humans (except the vet) and his mortal enemies include empty soft drink bottles, telephones, Bananas in Pyjamas stuffed toys and the desk leg. If you want to see pictures of the rat... er, I mean, Bobby, send a blank e-mail to adam_lester_fan@hotmail.c-om with the address line saying Pictures of Bobby. Trust me, the level of cuteness is worth it.

Jul 11 2004
hi! my dogs name is jessie, we call her jess pups. she is an adorable 11 month old pups. she is a cross between a king charles and an affernpinsher. anyway! jessie loves anything see is a dustbin. jessie has a white beard and once i let her have a bit of irn-bru. yes. she drank it. when she finished she had a ginger beard for 2 days. a black and ginger dog. hhhhmmmm!

Jul 10 2004
I have a dog named Topper. The other day I was in my living room, and he got into the garbage can. He got a box out from french toast sticks, and his head was stuck in it, you could only see his ears, and he was funny trying to get out!

Jul 10 2004
I have a dog named Digger. He is 1 year old, and is a german short-haired pointer. Every day he goes outside and chases flys, bees, butterflys, any moving thing!! He is soo funny to watch!

Jul 10 2004
My dog is called Meg. she is funny and her nickname is playful pup for obvious reasons . Her story is once she was in my bedroom I went for my lunch and shut the door and when I went back and she pounced on me as soon as I opend the door.

Jul 9 2004
I live in northern wisconsin and we used to have yellow lab named leonard, or lenney. our neighbors were about 80 years old at the time and liked lenney a lot. One day we were driving home from the store when we saw a guy driving away with anonther yellow lab in the back of his truck. we couldn't find lenney at home so we got all worried. then I go over to the neighbors to see if they knew what happend to him. We ring the doorbell and lenney rushed up their stairs to greet us.

Jul 1 2004
Hi, my dogs name is koko. She is a pure blood rottweiller. she loves playing in the sun and going walking. She is 9. Any way when she was a puppy her dog-mom accidentally dropped her and she cracked her hip! Now she runs croocked! OUCH!!!!!!!

Jun 30 2004
Melinda and Nick
Hey!! We live on a farm in NC!! One day nick was out on the farm and a cute black dog with no tail came up to him! He kept walking and it followed him up to my dad's office!! Since nick knew he couldn't have another dog he told my dad that he should take it home. When my dad got home i remember i ran outside to see him!! He told me this dog wandered over to the farm and when he opened up his truck door it jumped in!! I asked if we could keep it and he said well let's just see if it stays around first because we knew that we had bad luck keeping dogs. Well sure enough my dad had been bringing it back and fourth to work and it had stayed. Nick wanted to name it John Deer but then found out it was a girl. So i thought of the name Sally! It fits her perfect. And sure enough she is still around!! She stays close to me and nick and my dad!! Hopefully she will stay around a long long time!

Jun 30 2004
My baby girl Happy is my very special Border collie. Happy get many comments from BC people about how much they love her, and of course so do I. Happy became fear aggressive after her Rabies shot, and I had to work really hard for 3 years to get her back on track, she now Runs under 4 seconds in flyball, competes in agility, plays frisbee, and barrle races. and that does not include making pals with little kids, making best friends with kids that have been afraid of dogs their whole life, and amazing adults with her sports skills lol. Happy plays Soccer, yes, goal, but forward and defence as well. she also swims, er, she fetches things from the water lol. I also have another BC, Misty, is my younger girl, she gets comments left and right about how gorgous she is! Misty does not play flyball yet but is in training, and I think she will be a better agility dog. anyway, she has takne 2 agility classes so far, she has also perfected every obsticle but the weaves which she is working on now.

Jun 25 2004
Abby, my dog is great; shes 2. her b-day was may 11th. (Happy Birthday, abby!^_^) Abby is the best dog in the world doesn't know a stranger, never bites and loves everyone and everything. When she was just a little pup, maybe 5 or 4 months, she used to sleep on her back, her little light-haired belly up in the air. so one time i walked up to the sleeping pooch and spread her legs, arms and ears out on the floor. she slept the entire time, and looked a little scary, lol. when my mom walked passed her she almost screamed and thought Abby was dead! Hearing this, Abby leapt up and started wagging her tail. That is one of my most fond memories of Abby. :)

Jun 23 2004
Once I made a big big sandwich. I'm talkin' about lettuce cheese tomatoes pikcles and all that good stuff!That's when my mother called me to help her with the baby! When I got back what was left of my sandwich was a piece of bread. Then my dog Sparkle walked up with mayo over her face!!! I will never leave a good sandwich on the counter again!!!

Jun 22 2004
Gabrielle of Scottsdale, Arizona
Hello, my dogs name is chloe (cloEY).She is a black labrador retriever. BUT, there is one thing a little, tiny ,eensee, weensee little strange thing about her. She is a runt. And she was the last to be bought because of her size.A ND she was not old enough to be sold. Now, she is a spoilt dog who is allowed to get on my bed. Well, that's her story.I hope you enjoyed it.Bye!

Jun 20 2004
I've got a German Shorthaired pointer called Raz! Hes' 2 years old and sooo joyful! He loves his walks cuz we take him so much but he never has enough!! He won't stop and rest for one minute. Then we've got a pug who's 10 times smaller. She's a rebel. Poor Raz has his feet bitten by her all the time because she craves attention. She's a little devil but hey! aren't all PUGS!! They are my life and i wouldn't trade them for anything.

Jun 18 2004
my nanny has a dog called kim. she is a westie. she is very naughty. she always rolls over. i put my finger above her mouth she nibbles it very gently. ps. i love my nans dog kim

Jun 5 2004
My dog Daffy had to be put down. she was the friendliest dog you have ever met. She was a boxer a brindle color dog. The reason why she had to be put was because she had two ceasaras and she keep running into things. One day she cut her ear open and it started bleeding. We tryed to help her alot but we couldn't do any thing to help her so now my other dog is sad. THE END

Jun 4 2004
I have a golden retriever named Abster. She is my joy! i live up close to a park and we go there together a lot. she likes to help me chase butterflies! she's friendly to everyone, and can't keep away from people, but would never bite or hurt them. she is the best dog in the world. On the fourth of July last year she swam for the first time. It was so great to see! She loves everyone and everything. and i love her back.

Jun 4 2004
Bear is our 2 year old Shiba Inu. We got him when he was 9 weeks old. The first year and an half was tough on us and him. His breed makes for a very hyper dog, but over time he has become the King in our house. He has slowed down and stopped eating pillows and toys. He is the world to us and we thank God for Bear

Jun 3 2004
i adore dogs especially dalmations even though they are the madest dog i've met. i think they are so cute as well as spaniels -- that is my spaniel is especially cute because she's got a weird eye and when she does all different looks like shes saying sorry or something.

Jun 2 2004
My dogs Lady and Romeo love each other to death! We let both of them come in and sleep in the house at night.

Jun 2 2004
sammy and felicia
we have a 1 year old doberman pinscher. His name is czar. Everybody thinks that czar is a mean dog becasue he looks like he could be a mean dog and dobermans haven't really gotten the best compliments about them. But i am telling you now, dobermans are one of the most loyal and compassionate dogs that you can get. Also dobermans are taught the way that you train them, if you treat them mean then they will be mean dogs and may bite when not asked, but if you train them to be loving dogs, that's exactly what they will be.

May 28 2004
Pits. they are so adorable. people always tell methat they are evil! but the truth is they arnt! if you treat them bad, they will become evil. they do what they are told!!! you teach them to attack, they will. dont be stupid and do that! be nice and witty! keep dog fighting off the streets!!!!!!!!

May 22 2004
My dog is a 3 yr old German Shepard and she is fo funny when she is in heat she needs to wear pants while inside the house, but she ABSOLUTELY HATES them. As soon as she sees them she will run into the backyard and hide behind a bush. If I call her to come inside she will sit on the grass with her ears down, looking all sad. I have to drag her inside sometimes by the collar. When I finally do get her inside and put the pants on her, she goes into a little tantrum, running around the house, jumping on the furniture for about a minute. Then when she settles down she refuses to sit or lay down while wearing the pants, she just stands around, looking stupid! I have to push down on her butt to make her sit! If I tell her to sit for a cookie, she will just hover her butt a few inches from the floor, Its so funny!! She's CRAZY!! And I love her to DEATH!! [Editor: get her spayed!]

May 19 2004
I have dogs named Rosty. He can say I love you he can also say cheese. This dog is a scotty terier. This is a amazing dog.

May 17 2004
The dog dawg
I have a dog and a cat.They don't get along very well.One day my dog was running around in our backyard.Our cat jumped on our dog and sat on it.It was funny but sad.As you may see we have to get rid of that cat!

May 15 2004
Hi, I live on a farm here in Canada, and we have 4 dogs. They are all mixed breeds which I believe is the best as they aren't so snobby as the purbred dogs. My dogs Holly, Ebony, Josie and Bobby are the absolute BESTEST dogs in the world, and they are a woman's best friends

May 13 2004
i adopted a pup from the dog welfare group. Miro was supposed to be a jack russel but mine became bigger version of his breed. People are frighten to come to my place seeing him but it is the other way around. one day my mother called to look at swamp of flies which appeared from no where. Soon he saw the flies he ran n hid under the sofa n refused to come out. when he disturb us we always call the word fly n he hides under the sofa. but he more human than a dog

May 7 2004
Big Dog
My puppy is a mutt. She was suppost to be a rotwieler but isn't big at all. She is always happy but it is so funny because she is disproportionate, for example, her tail is longer than her. When ever she is happy she will either wag her tail so hard she will fall over or wack herself till she cries!

May 2 2004
My dog Cleo is such a sweetie.

Apr 28 2004
My dog PG has a short tail taht wags alot. PG is a Cocker Spaniel.

Apr 26 2004
My cousin's dogs names are Killer and Mattie. When Killer has a toy, Mattie will sit up and beg for the toy. They are usually competitive, and it is really funny to watch.

Apr 23 2004
My chocolate lab's name is Katy. She is a true CHOCOLATE lab. She devoured 3 whole seroogy fudge eggs my son had bought from his school fund raiser. She was one sick chocolate Lab!!!

Apr 20 2004
My dog is cute but she thinks she is a cat. she will not eat dog food but will eat cat food canned cat food that has a bad smell to it

Apr 18 2004
My dog,Trips, went hunting with my dad and someone shot a bird but it didn't fall to the ground, so my dad's friend shot three times at it and missed then the people who shot it was getting ready to shoot again when Trips ran after it and my dad yelled don't shoot my dog is after it, so they all stood there and watched as Trips leapt three feet into the air and caught it. So my dad called that bird Trip's and ever since then my dad calls him super dog.

Apr 17 2004
My dog Cleo is such a cutie. Every night my dad takes Cleo down to the beach, Cleo was wandering off and she went on the ice but what she didn't know is that the ice was not thick enough and she fell in. My dad ran to go see what she was doing and when he found her he got on his belly and pulled her out. she was fine but it was not her lucky day because she ate a big thing of chocolat but she is ok now. I love Cleo. she is the best and yes I am dog CRAZY

Apr 15 2004
The cutest thing my dog Monty has ever done is on his first day with us he would hide behind the couch peering his head out squashing his face into the side of the couch for protection. He looked so cute. A few days later he poked his head into a biscuit box and got it stuck. He ran frantically around the room trying to shake it off, we all laughed. He is a Golden Retriever and I love him to bits.

Apr 10 2004
We have two dogs; a black lab, Trapper and a German Short-Haired Pointer, Cody who are the joys of our lives! We got Cody when Trapper was 2 1/2 because he loved to play with our friend's dogs so much. Well we didn't know we were going to traumatize Trapper like we did in the beginning. He did not like the new puppy at all. He would get up and move whenever the puppy came near him or give him the LOOK with the whites of his eyes. Now almost one year later, they are the best of buddies and play for endless hours! We love our dogs!

Apr 10 2004
My dog Maggie is so funny she when she is outside we play fetch she goes wild . maggie jumps and runs it is so funny

Apr 10 2004
I have A dog named Shadow. He is very funny. He runs around the house with A water bottle in his mouth and if you ever try to take it from him he will chase you for it.

Apr 5 2004
Hi I have a Tibetan terrier named Charlie. He isnt normal at all. He won't eat DOG FOOD! Can you believe that? So we have to mix lunch meat with his dog food then he'll eat. He's so spoiled....but I love him any way.

Mar 27 2004
When Molly my Black Lab wants a belly rub and doesn't get it, she will get on her back put her back legs apart and folds her front paws up and put her front legs tight up against herself. She looks really funny. Sometimes she will stay like that for about 15-20 minutes! Another funny thing about Molly is when she wants to go out she stands in front of you and whines and whines and whines. After a while she will go from one side of the chair to another. She will also do this when she needs more water.

Mar 26 2004
My dog Beetle when he gets wet he jumps on my bed and rolls and trys to dig a hole in it. he is very mischeavious because he takes everything that is on the floor or bed and takes them into the garden and buries them or tears them up into little shreds.

Mar 22 2004
Three years ago, when I was in grade 4, we got an adorable Saint Bernard. He was for my dad on Fathers Day. We named him George. In September of last year, we got a Shih Tzu and called her Martha. The two of them get along real good and sometimes Martha cuddles up to George and sleeps between his paws! They're so cute together!

Mar 21 2004
My two Dachschunds, Nick and Sam are about two years old. Sam will sit on the back of the chair and Nick will be on the floor barking as if to say, I'm telling Mommy!!

Mar 16 2004
once i took my dog, Karma to a feild. I was running and I suddenly I tripped because Karma ran to fast as she dragged me around but now she is trained not to do that.

Mar 12 2004
I got my dog when i was 10 i was so sad cause when i got him he was covered in scabs because of fleas. The owners of the pet store didnt take very good care of him. he's the coolest dog ever his name is BUDDY!!

Mar 10 2004
I have 2 dogs, Trixie and Sierra they both are really cute. They are Weimaraners. Trixie has a real attitude though she will never let me pet Sierra (her mom). I have NO clue why. What Trixie does is whenever I go close to Sierra then she runs over and leans against me. It's soooooooo freaky! BUT I STILL LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

Mar 5 2004
i was on my own with my dog besey and she wanted out and she started to chase her tail for about half an hour it was so funny !!!

Mar 5 2004
my dog called Lucy was given to me by an old lady who had to move into a nursing home. I saved her by offering a home for her.the lady was going to take her to the kennels :(it is confusing when we have the same names.

Mar 5 2004
I have a german sheperd cross named Summer. I think she is about 5-6 months old, and really cute! but she chews everything!!! including me! but she is very friendly to visitors and just makes them smile! I got her from a rescue centre in wales, where I live, and found out she was abandoned there. Who would abandon something as sweet as she is? but she is very happy which is good.

Feb 29 2004
busy diane
i am owned by two adorable chis Daisy and Cujo they are 1 years old.i can't believe what a real lap dog they are .sometimes it is hard though because they fight for my attention, and they both want on my lap together, and sometimes that means TROUBLE. But i love them very much.

Feb 26 2004
I love my dog Rachel she is so trained. She sits when i tell her and she plays well with boys. She is a loyal and obediant dog. I think she is super!

Feb 25 2004
Hey ya'll! I'm from Oklahoma and I have a miniature pinscher and two pomeranians. On one Christmas morning the girl pomeranian Keisa, and the miniature pinscher Vivianne, got in a fight. They were barking and barking and would not stop. Well the other pomeranian Dumas, the boy, was trying to take a nap. He started barking at them to be quiet. It was a loud Christmas.

Feb 24 2004
The second day I got puppy, she bit my pajama pants!

Feb 21 2004
Mi dog, chaice (chase) is a beagle. she luvs every 1 she meets. she is 10 but still looks like a puppy. she's lived with me since i was 2. she means a lot 2 me and i wish that she cood live 4ever.i luv her more than my boyfrend! thats a lot of love

Feb 19 2004
Cute But has an Adatuide!!!!
My dog petey is so funny! When he wants to go out, he has to go around the table and through the side of the chair. When he comes in he has to go back wards out of the kitchen! He's so funny! From Cute but has an Adatuide.

Feb 13 2004
I have a semi-puppy named Jake. He is a stupid dog and won't ever stop barking. Our neighbors have called the cops on us 17 times because Jake is so LOUD!!! The only time he stops barking is when he is chewing on our table in the kitchen. (It is about the size of a side table now) Moral of the story.... MY DOG IS CUTE, BUT CRAZY!

Feb 9 2004
I was 5 yrs old when we got Thunder. He had worms so we took him to the vet to get him some medication. It made him use the bathroom alot. I loved to walk outside barefoot alot. I steped in it!

Feb 8 2004
My dog's name is Raz. He is a Shepherd, Lab, and Newfoundland cross. He has cute little ears, and he is all furry and black. I love him alot but one bad thing is that he got hit by a car once which almost made me cry. He is 14 now.

Feb 7 2004
I have a beagle named Barney. Before I got him, everyone said beagles bark all the time.But I got a beagle anyway! Barney is the first dog I've ever had. He's annoying sometimes, but most of the time Barney is loveable, and playful. Barney is about two years old now.when he was a puppy, me, my mom, and my sister took him to the beach in the summer when we're not allowed to. but, we carried him in our beach bag. The people who saw him said he looked so cute. I love Barney and he's the best dog ever

Feb 7 2004
My dog Byrdie always ran around in circles around our pool, barking. usually she is fine, but one time she fell in the pool. since she had never swam before she was strugling to get out. my uncle had to jump in and save her.

Feb 5 2004
One day there were these people who decided to get another dog because their Siberian Husky, Bandit died. They got a puppy female german shepherd. They already had a female basset hound, Lulu. They did not get along very well so they had to give one dog away they decided to give Lulu away. They knew we were going to be getting another dog so they gave Lulu to us. Now Lulu goes everywhere with us, and is loved a whole lot!

Feb 4 2004
my dog sylvester is a lab mix and loves the snow and ice he likes to sled down our hilly driveway with me. he also likes to sleep all day and night with some spurges of ball time.

Feb 2 2004
my dog marley likes to dance. She picked it up from my other dog copper. When we tell her to dance, she'll stand up on her hind legs and turn around in circles. She really deserves a treat after that

Feb 2 2004
Stef Loppo
I own an Australian Shepeard. Her name is Pixie and she is just so gorgeous! I love her to death. Whenever she runs she trips herself up and does massive rolls!

Feb 1 2004
hi, i'm from the philippines, although i'm chinese... anywayz, my puppy is named binni. he was two months old when 2004 came. when the fireworks started cracking, he RAN. we had no idea where he went. but i found him hiding at the dark corner of the kitchen. it was sooo cute. i took a picture of him hiding there.

Jan 28 2004
My dogs name is Sophie. She is a shi-tzu. One time we were looking for her and it was New Years and we went outside and shot guns in the air. we thought that she ran away some where out in the cow field. But then we noticed that she was waitin to go in the. The door had been open because we had to go get the cammera.

Jan 25 2004
My dog Simba is the best dog you could ever imagine. He loves to jump and play everyday!!! He never likes to be left out! Simba is a very playful dog but sometimes he can be protectful and scared of other dogs! The reason i love Simba is just because i love dogs,he loves me ,and i love him!!!!!!!

Jan 24 2004
We've had my Pom Casper for about three years and one day we thought she needed a friend. So we went to our local feed store and picked out a bunny. Well we brought her home and Casper fell in love. I had left the room for a while and when I returned I saw Casper with the bunny in her mouth! My first thought was that Casper was biting her then then we realized that Casper thought the bunny was her baby and was carrying her around in her mouth by the scruff of the neck. Casper has not been able to do that for a year now since are bunny is about the same size as her but I still laugh everytime I think about it!!

Jan 23 2004
We received our little Maltese a week before my husbands' birthday last year in October. Her birthday is Feb.14, same day as our anniversary. A breeder had to give up all her little dogs at that time. They say we rescued her, in reality she has rescued us! It says they use to call Maltese Comforters. She truly has been a Comforter to us!

Jan 21 2004
My dog is REALLY smart! He can do tricks such as, high five, stop drop n roll, dance, and others. He's so fun to be around. He knows if you don't feel well or you are just sad. If you lay down while feeling like this, he'll lay on your stomach and snuggle his head under your neck. And he dislikes very few people! He's the best!

Jan 19 2004
Hi my name is Krystal, I have a dog named, Rambo he is a Yorkshire Terrier, he is a very playful dog that likes to have people around him all the time .He never likes to be left alone out side in the yard beacause a few days ago another dog bit him on his left front leg. Ever sence he dosen't like to be left alone out side

Jan 19 2004
My dog is a mongrel, she is very cute. We got her from an animal shelter so we do not know much about her, as she was found as a stray but she really doesn't like my dads shoes, she keeps trying to bite them, we have no idea why, its rather strange!

Jan 18 2004
I had a rottwriller thats name was Tango. I remember when tango was a puppy and i was rubbing his little tummy he was so happy he tried to wiz in my face. Happfully i was able to quickly move! But, last christmas he got a hold of an animal that had contracted rabies. Im only 14 and have lost my bestest friend that always made me laugh.But i'm happy for the moments i had with tango.

Jan 12 2004
I just have a question maybe you can help me with my husband said a dog only sleeps deeply for 2 hours a day. I think my Dog sleeps all night long he's 9 years old. What is the real answer? MarlaineH at

Jan 7 2004
My dog named Mason is a cocker spaniel with buff colored fur. Mason used to live with two other people they did not treat her well. She was kept out of the house all the time because they did not want her in the house. I received her sometime in December for an early christmas present. Mason is my all time favorite dog i have ever had. She is loveable,protective,and is chubby now. She also has heartworms now and has some problems with her hips. I love Mason with all my heart and she is a wonderful terrific dog! :)

Jan 6 2004
I have a Golden Retriever named Toby. I think he is the best dog alive. Toby always cheers me up when I am down, and plays with me when I am bored. I recommend a Golden Retriever as a first dog because they are so easy to train, good with kids, and will love you no matter what!

Jan 1 2004
I used to have a miniatur snauscher . My aunt took a pictuer and right before she clicked the camera he went into a pointer pose.

Dec 23 2003
Just recently we got a german wire hair pointer named Tucker. Before that our neighbors got a little white poofball for a dog and our dog is about 10 times the size of her! The funny thing about it is that she's the only dog in the neighborhood that will play with him!

Dec 23 2003
my 3 dogs cant hardly wait for christmas because their getting some presents too. i cant wait myself either.

Dec 21 2003
I have a dog named Casey, she is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. she is 1 yr. old. One time when we had just started training her with the eletric fence my mom went to run errands and left her out side. When she got home she cold not find casey. So we lookde and could not find her and after and hour of looking(and calling the shelter) we found her sleeping ubder the bushes!

Dec 20 2003
I have a 1 year old dog named Buddy.He's a Rat Terrier.He's adorable. He likes to chase my cats,chew on things,and he will eat anything he gets his teeth on.I love him so much.He's a really smalldog.

Dec 15 2003
My dog Gypsy, was rescued in July by a family friend. She was keept on a short lead out side the owners caravan . They fed her on scraps of left over food and never took her for a walk. Not long after they got a puppy spanual who was also keept on a lead out side with her. He was very exsiteable and would jump around. His lead would get tangled round her neck. She got very upset and desstrest. And most nights when her owner came back often from the pub he would kick her. But a family friend maneged to rescue her. Now she lives at home on the chir in luxery.

Dec 12 2003
My dog, Misty is a Siberian Husky. When we first got her she would do a trick. When we gave her water, she would splash it all over the place with her paws, then drink it. IT WAS SO FUNNY!!

Dec 10 2003
My dog zander a husky and i've thaught him how to do a back flip yeh the first time he did it he knocked me out.

Dec 10 2003
have you ever wondered how much dogs really love tennis balls says my owner but i dont care their fun to chase and give the wet thing back to her and see her get all yucky about it but i love her and she loves me and would never abandon me or anything well i have to go and i hope to talk to you later

Dec 4 2003
I have 3 dogs,two horses. sometimes my dogs can be so funny when trying to interact with the horses:for instance my oldest dog Tibbie, a tibetan spaniel with a head strong attitude,will try to get my horses to play by jumping around their feet while yipping,then one of the horses will get after him with his hooves,i have never seen a dog move so fast in my other dog,skittles,a wimpy bichon frise who is scared of balloons, wants them to play with him but is petrified by their size compared to yungest dog,a little,okay not so little,black lab is not very smart when it comes to not getting close to the horses hooves she has never in her life seen an animal so big.she does not understand that she realy shouldn't bark at the horses that are 4 times her size,and she especially shouldn't try to bite their heels.Despite all the fights they have together my horses think of her like she is a sister.I guess I will never fully understand the brains and habits of animals.

Dec 2 2003
Hi, my name is Mary and I'm 14 years old and in my first year of high school. A few months ago I lost my best and only friend. I was really upset and I felt like I had no one to talk to. That's when I start to think about getting a dog. My dad said Aboslutely no. He liked dogs himself, but he thought I would get tired of taking care of one. Finally, however, my mom talked him into it and we began looking around shelters. After we couldn't find anything, my dad suggested going to a breeder instead. I wasn't sure because I didn't really want to have the hassle of training a puppy. I thought about it and the next day my dad and I started looking for a breeder. A week or so later, we found a breeder who lived a few hours away from us. We went and stayed at a hotel overnight, then the next morning went to check out the puppies. Well, we ended up walking out with an adorable 9-week-old Beagle we named Jack. Ever since, I haven't been as lonely.

Nov 28 2003
my 2 year old dog, amber, she is a yellow labrador retriever, and, it was i think last saturday. anyways, my friend and i were walking her, and we were running up the driveway, and then, my ankle twisted. i was really close to falling, but amber knew i got hurt(we have had a few accidents when she was a little younger lol) so, she stopped. i could hardly walk, but luckily my friend was there to take her the rest of the way. she can sense when someone gets hurt. she is a really good dog.

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