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Puppies at 3 weeks:

Puppies at this age are learning how to control their bodies. Their eyes and ears have been open for a little while, so they no longer have to rely upon just their noses to experience the world.

Their waking time is spent (when not feeding) in walking around, exploring the house. Their milk teeth (first teeth) have come in so they also spend a lot of time chewing anything that can be chewed!

The first game they play is 'mouth-fencing', or biting without being bitten. Two puppies face each other with each one trying to get a grip on the other one's muzzle. Another game they like to play (besides chewing things) is picking small objects up in their mouths, taking them some place, and dropping them.

Really small puppies always like to sleep in contact with each other. But now they can snooze on their own without a fuss. Although they will still sleep in snug puppy heaps, too.

Very young puppies also have trouble relieving themselves without their mother licking their stomachs first. But now they can go without problem -- except they aren't house trained yet and will leave puddles wherever they want to!

At about three weeks a puppy learns how to lap liquid. They have to learn it for themselves -- lapping cannot be taught. In the process of learning, the puppy can make a big mess. About this time a puppy can begin eating solid food, finely chopped. A dog cannot move its lower jaw sideways the way humans can. So a dog can bite its food, and chew it to some degree, but it can't grind it. A dog bites off pieces of the right side and swallows them. A three week old puppy hasn't been weaned yet, so it is still suckling. The solid food doesn't make up its whole diet.

Source: A Dog's Life: A year in the life of a dog family, by Jane Burton and Michael Allaby, Howell Book House, Inc., New York, 1986, pp. 34-37.