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The Shar Pei

By Yana and Tatiana

If you have never seen a Shar Pei before, the first impression might just be that of a kind, though independent, even arrogant clodhopper. Indeed, these dogs are often arrogant with strangers. And of course, this makes people think that Shar Pei is smarter than it looks. But under the mask of arrogance and indifference hides a mischievous soul of a natural-born clown.

It is in domestic surroundings that these dogs reveal their true character, their numerous faces and aspects of mood. Each of them is truly individual and a great wonder to discover. This is what makes Shar Peis so capable of true and loyal friendship unlike many other pets.

Talking about the character of these teddy bears, first and foremost they are calm, independent and devoted to the family. Moreover, these dogs are very enduring, noble and wise. The Shar Pei truly enjoys human company, especially children -- they can play with them for hours and stand any liberties the children might take.

The Shar Pei is extremely patient and discreet. They are never aggressive without an obvious cause. These thoughtful animals should be given an opportunity to assess the situation and use their own discretion when it comes to action. Amazingly sharp sight allows them to keep everything under control -- at all times. Although historically these dogs were meant for protecting property, a Shar Pei is no worse a bodyguard than a Mastiff. These energetic and fast-running dogs have more than a fair chance of protecting human life against any potential threat.

Just like all Shar Pei dogs, our beautiful ladies and gentlemen are striking individuals. Lyalya is an example of patience -- she once underwent an operation in the field without a whimper. Kuzya is a pack leader, and we always thought that he couldn’t stand other males. Well, you never know: he once ran away and returned with a friend, a male Russian hound who spent the whole summer at our house. This was when Kuzya showed us all an example of true friendship.


Rosa is a loving mother who never separates her puppies from someone else’s when nursing. When little Toma was born, Rosa took her under her wings and did not even let the grandmother anywhere close to the newborn. The baby in the house gave all our ladies a chance to try being mothers, which they eagerly did. During the first week of nursing, Lyalya took care of Rosa offering her milk. Ninka never stepped away from the little one and protected her from falling from the sofa when Rosa learned to roll over. Now she eagerly offers her back to let the puppy climb to her favorite vantage point. Even Kuzya patiently lets Toma bite him with never a growl of annoyance.

All our staff is deeply in love with these noble animals that never stop amazing us. We do hope to keep the continuity of our Shar Pei breeding tradition and welcome you all to our big and friendly family!


Yana and Tatiana have been breeding and exhibiting Chinese Shar-Pei since 1994, finishing more than 20 FCI championships, with 3 Best in Show Winners along the way. They love to share their appreciation and enthusiasm for this wonderful breed. You can visit them and see more pictures at The Shar Pei Club.