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8 Strange Dog Habits Explained

Have you caught your dog doing something that you just can't figure out?

Whether your precious pup is pacing around or you're asking, Why is your dog licking his paws?, these are some of the weirdest things that dogs do with some explanations for your curious mind.

Eating Tissue Paper

If you see that your dog has suddenly started eating things that aren't food, they may have a condition known as pica. Your dog may need more exercise or more nutrients, however you can also trying to give commands. As with most problems, see a vet if it persists.

Sniffing Your Crotch

Dogs are naturally interested in the pheromones that humans have with are found in the highest concentration in the area around your crotch. While it may seem awkward or embarrassing, this is just a way that dogs are able to use a sense that we often disregard.

Circular Pacing

If your dog has suddenly started pacing in circles and the behavior seems to be sticking, you may want to head to the vet. This can be a sign of distress and there may be a somewhat serious problem with your pup. It's hard to say what may have caused this behavior.

Eating Poop

There are a few reasons this happens in dogs, however the most common is that they may be short on nutrients or may have some other medical problems. This can also happen for no good reason at all, especially when a dog is submissive among other dogs.

Crying While Sleeping

No one wants to imagine that their dog is sad with tears running down their eyes, but this is probably just a result of a normal doggy dream. It doesn't even necessarily mean they're having a bad dream, so don't worry about your sleeping companion too much.

Staring Contests

Have you ever felt like your dog is staring at you? While it may seem creepy, it's probably a sign that they are being attentive and trying to figure out what your next move is. This can happen with routine actions like getting dressed or leaving the room. Don't stress too much, your dog probably just likes you.

Biting / Licking Their Paws

This is a fairly serious problem if it doesn't go away fairly quickly. A dog that is biting its paws could be signaling that there is a skin problem or other assorted injury. It's probably best to get in touch with your vet to get another opinion if you see this behavior.

Sleeping in Spots that Make You Uncomfortable

Does it seem like your dog always cuddles up under your leg in the exact spot that makes it uncomfortable for you to sleep? No, your dog isn't evil. It just so happens that you created a nice comfy spot for your precious dog and it wants to take advantage of cuddling up to you. Unfortunately for you, that leg space may be better served with your dog up in your chest. You'll have to find a way to compromise!