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Welcome to Crazy for Dogs Puzzle Hunt!

Most of the answers to the clues can be found by scouting around this website. This puzzle has opened in a separate window, so if you can't see the Crazy for Dogs homepage, you may need to move this window out of the way. Then you can get to all the menu items for this site.

Fill in the answer boxes and click Score when you are done.

Good luck!

clue answer
This class of dogs has the "nine-to-fivers."
A "butterfly" dog.
The name of the dog in the 5th tail from the beginning.
Go to the "Entering the World" fact page on this site. The 5x2-th word in the second paragraph.
The 5th quotations quoter.
The word that means "the shine of a healthy coat."
This site name.
The name of the second Sirius of the week.
The sighthound breed that begins with "b."
The written record of a purebred dog's ancestry.
One number has been more important in this puzzle. Take that letter from each word to get the final answer.

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